Six KW Associates Named a REALTOR Magazine "30 Under 30"

Apr 15, 2013 5:43:26 AM


REALTOR Magazine announced the winners to its annual “30 Under 30” list. Out of the fifty talented agents featured on the list, six are with Keller Williams Realty – more than any other real estate franchise!

Their Web Choice winner—Kristi Tanner Mock, ABR, CRS, SFR, a team leader at Keller Williams Realty in Wasilla, Alaska—received 2,844 votes. Mock attributed the win to support from a diverse sphere of influence, along with a bit of hometown pride.

“A lot of it had to do with Alaska, and wanting to put us on the map. Everybody kind of rallied together to not just support me but the state of Alaska,” Mock says, noting that her state has only claimed one other 30 Under 30 honoree (Wayne Salmans, of the 2009 class) in the 13 years of the competition’s existence.

A former client and family friend with an outsized influence also helped Mock rise in the vote tally: fellow Wasilla native, one-time vice-presidential candidate, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Read more about their connection and this year’s Web choice competition here.

Congratulations to all of our wonderful winners!

Alexander Phan

“Prior to becoming an agent, I worked for Intel, and the most important aspect of working there that I brought with me to real estate is ‘lean’ ideology, which maximizes efficiency and reduces waste through each process. I’m known as the ‘tech guy’ in my office. Being the go-to technology person allows me to bring fresh ideas to the table. I am able to integrate new technologies into my own business while helping my colleagues with theirs.”

Team Leader | Keller Williams Realty Professionals | | Portland, OR | |Age: 29 | 2012 Team Sales Volume: $13 million | 2012 Team Sides: 61

Angela Cole

“Facebook has been my road to success and allows me to continuously touch my referral sphere. I post pictures of homes under construction and clients at the closing table and personal informative videos. My clients share their excitement about their home purchase while at the same time raving about my services. Facebook not only connects me with buyers and sellers but also allows me to take advantage of passive income. I have befriended agents from all over the country and have received ongoing agent referrals from clients moving into my area.”

Team Member | Keller Williams Realty | Raleigh, NC | |Age: 28 | 2012 Team Sides: 43 | 2012 Individual Sales Volume: $11 million |

Daniel Zia

“A significant part of my business comes from helping investors acquire and fix up properties in a way that preserves their original architectural charm and historical character. I have helped successfully renovate and resell over 15 properties the last two years alone, including defining the project scope, handling some project management, and making all design selections for materials and finishes.”

Associate | Keller Williams Realty | Santa Barbara, CA | | Age: 28 | 2012 Individual Sales Volume: $29.3 million | 2012 Individual Sides: 41

Kristi Tanner Mock

“I have a heart to serve and to help others who are in the most challenging situations. I never give up, and I always continue to persevere regardless of the obstacles put in front of me. I chose to get my real estate license to affect the lives of those around me in a positive way and help others overcome their obstacles.”

Team Lead | The Kristan Cole Team, Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group | Wasilla, AK | | Age: 26 | 2012 Team Sales Volume: $37.4 million | 2012 Team Sides: 194

Mary Whitworth

“My focus [as NAR president] would be to raise the educational requirements for new licensees and continuing education for [everyone]. There is a growing gap in our community of individuals who resist or discourage many industry changes out of fear that they will be out of a job. The reality is that accepting and understanding the many benefits of technology, from social media to paperless transactions, forces quality and ethical growth for individual REALTORS® as well as the REALTOR® community as a whole.”

Associate | Keller Williams Realty Brazos Valley | College Station, TX | | Age: 27 | 2012 Individual Sales Volume: $17 million | 2012 Individual Sides: 146

Ryanne Maureen Vaughan

“I specialize in selling homes that other agents couldn’t and use staging to maximize value. The first listing I ever sold had been listed with two different agents for 493 days. I raised the price $10,000 and sold it in 31 days! I realized my knack for defining — and correcting — objections was something unique to the industry. I began prospecting expired listings and found that I could quickly and easily identify why properties hadn’t sold. Throughout the past 4 years, I have consistently sold homes that other agents couldn’t, often raising the price!”

Team Lead | Keller Williams Realty/Austin Properties Group | Austin, TX | |Age: 29 | 2012 Team Sales Volume: $35.3 million | 2012 Team Sides: 163