Hope and Faith Heal Hearts and Minds

Apr 29, 2013 3:35:35 PM

Editors Note: In the wake of the tragic events in Boston, Mass. and West, Texas; Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Board, posted the following message to her Facebook page reminding us all that even during challenging times, hope and faith always prevail.

Dear Friends,

We have all just navigated through a week of devastation, destruction and yes, evil. And I am certain we have experienced a wide spectrum of feelings -- bewilderment, disbelief, heartbreak, grief, anxiety and even fear. However I sincerely pray that in the midst of the life-shattering events in Boston and West, Texas none of us felt hopeless or experienced a loss of faith.


HOPE and FAITH spawned the instantaneous heroic efforts of first responders and fellow citizens in both cities; HOPE and FAITH motivated Watertown residents to actively participate in a lengthy lockdown of their community; HOPE and FAITH filled the spirits of West, TX and area residents as they rallied to help their neighbors in the face of their tragedy; HOPE and FAITH were the cornerstones of bravery and teamwork exhibited by the local police and FBI of both cities; HOPE and FAITH kept all of us praying as we monitored developing news throughout the week.

The negativity of horrific terrorism and disaster has once again invaded our lives. However my dear family and friends, the effects of these events CANNOT and WILL NOT rob our spirit of HOPE, for it is rooted in the FAITH upon which our country was founded and to which we steadfastly claim and cling! Time and time again we have experienced the inspiring effects of this spirit as our family members, living our culture, have prevented adversity from prevailing in the lives of those around us. And once we experience this, it is impossible to lose HOPE. We must remember that while we are here on earth it is necessary to have our feet planted in the world, but essential for our hearts and minds to be living in heaven.

I join all of you in continuing to pray for the families of those who lost their lives this past week, for the families of those who have yet to be accounted for in West, for the injured as they recover both physically and emotionally, for the first responders, community police, leaders and FBI for their bravery and untiring investigation work, for community residents as they try to return to some kind of normalcy, for the family of the slain Boston suspect and for the young 19 year-old suspect who so obviously has lost his way in life. Let us all trust in our God and lean on Him for understanding and guidance, knowing that He loves us as no other!