Welcome To Our Redesign!

May 1, 2013 11:16:17 AM

Welcome to the newly redesigned KW Blog! In case you’ve never visited us before, we are Keller Williams Realty’s official blog, managed by the Editorial Staff in the Marketing and Communications Department at the Keller Williams Realty International Support Center in Austin, Texas.


If you have visited us before, you’ll agree we were in need of a big overhaul! And that’s exactly what we’ve done. From the layout to the visuals to the way information is categorized – nearly everything has a new look.

Here are a few ways the KW Blog has been redesigned with our fearless readers – YOU – in mind.

Organized The Way You Do Business

One of the first things we considered in the redesign is how you read the content – what are you searching for, and how do you find the answers to your most important business questions? What we found will likely come as no surprise: the fundamentals in real estate reign supreme.

So first, we have Leads, Listings and Leverage. Without a doubt the “Three L’s” are the basic principles upon which a successful real estate business is built. They’re every real estate agent’s 20 percent. Beyond the “Three L’s,” we identified two more topics that are important to your success: Marketing and Branding and Technology. After looking at all the content, we felt strongly that they should have their own sections; we hope you’ll agree.

And finally there’s Culture, KW Now and our Live Feed. Within these categories you’ll find incredible stories of our company’s tremendous culture at work, as well as the latest news happening in your marketplaces! The Live Feed is our way of leveraging the best of your social content – all neatly displayed in a cascading webpage – that is updated in real time!

Optimized For Maximum Social Interaction

The real estate community loves to share, and we wanted to give you every possible chance to like, tweet or post the blog stories you enjoy. Quickly share a story from the homepage or use the share options to the left of each blog entry to quickly and easily post to your favorite social network.

Giving You A Place To Be Heard

Keller Williams Realty is built by agents, for agents. You are the stars of the stories found on the KW Blog and because of that, we want to hear from you! If you’re one of our longtime readers, you know that commenting has been cumbersome. You had to sign up, find an avatar and remember your username and password. That’s all changed. Using a comment system called Disqus (we highly recommend for your own blog), you are now able to comment as a guest or, even better, log-in using Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo! Disqus also functions just like a chat feature – posting comments in real time – so you can easily chat about the story and offer up your own advice.

Always Refining

With every redesign there are always a few kinks, and we ask for your patience as we work through any issues. If you see anything, feel free to email the editor, Laura Price, at laura.price1@kw.com.

We’re also looking forward to continuing to help you build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living through incredible success stories featuring Keller Williams Realty’s top producing agents!