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Nine Tips to Build Your Network (And Your Net Worth)

Brian Frere, associate with the Tulsa (Okla.) market center, grew his business 100 percent in one year. Though he credits his KW MAPS Coach for boosting his productivity and holding him accountable – to the tune of 129 units in 2012 – he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s not motivated by the money. He just loves helping people get what they want.


Frere built and aims the future growth of his business on one concept: sincerity. That sounds easy enough, but pretending to care is not the same as really caring. Frere cares. And he’s built an enduring community of clients and colleagues by networking organically, one meaningful relationship at a time. People trust him and as a result they tell their friends and family about him. In fact, at least 75 percent of his business is referrals.

Here are nine tips Frere believes every real estate agent should consider as they build their network.

  1. “Make it a habit to reach out to clients, colleagues and friends. Put it on the schedule and do it. When someone purchases a home from you, pick up the phone and ask them how they like living in the house. If a client or colleague’s parent just had surgery, ask about it. If someone’s son or daughter graduates from college, send a congratulations card. Be human. Show them that you care. Don’t let a moment go by unused. Be on the phone calling someone.”
  2. “Know everything there is to know about your market. You cannot be ignorant or be idle about your specific market’s issues and conditions. Whether at a dinner party, the neighborhood pool or at a client meeting, never be without an educated answer or insightful news about your market.”
  3. “Develop and nurture face-to-face relationships with people who work with a lot of people. Have your morning coffee with an insurance agent and your lunch with a banker or loan officer.”
  4. “Be seen. Be out and about in the community. One way to do this is to sponsor a neighborhood party, but you have to show up and enjoy the party too.”
  5. “Give clients something useful that reminds them of you. Magnetized basketball or college football schedules or a colorful, annual calendar are good options.”
  6. “Thank people for their referrals. Call them. Send them movie tickets, gift certificates or gas cards. Let them know that you appreciate their trust in you.”
  7. “Attend conferences like Mega Camp and Family Reunion. Make friends while you learn.”
  8. “It is okay to let others know you can and want to help them.”
  9. “Be sincere, don’t be ‘salesy.’ Authenticity can’t be faked.”
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4 comments on “Nine Tips to Build Your Network (And Your Net Worth)
  1. Don R. Lorg says:

    Brian, great advice! This approach it seems to me is how to attract business while you are pursuing business. Great service gets rewarded when people realize they can trust their reputations with you. 75% referrals means that out of 129 transactions 96 came as a result of delivering an amazing outcome by authentically caring. I expect these 129 to help you double again in the near future. Keep up the good work! See you soon.

  2. duly noted…Your Realtor!

  3. That for sharing this great advice. We can really count on you for giving such great advice as always. Very trustworthy.

  4. Raul Garcia says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for these tip reminders! Now I can print these tips to save in a sheet protector to hang on my wall.
    Most appreciated partner!

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  2. […] post Nine Tips to Build Your Network (And Your Net Worth) appeared first on KW […]

  3. […] post Nine Tips to Build Your Network (And Your Net Worth) appeared first on KW […]

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