Light Your Market Center’s Lead Generation on Fire with Ignite

Jun 2, 2013 7:10:35 PM

Attention Keller Williams market center trainers! Are you getting results from your Ignite program? Would you like to learn the proven teaching techniques that will accelerate productivity for every agent who takes Ignite in your market center?

Then sign up for the 2013 Ignite Instructor Launch and participate in daily live Webinars that will fire up your market center for the nationwide launch of Ignite starting Sept. 23 through Oct. 18, 2013.

By participating in the 2013 Ignite Instructor Launch, you will:

  • Learn best practices from top Ignite Instructors! High achieving Instructors from around the country will share the techniques they use to achieve amazing results.
  • Receive exclusive discounts from Office Max for printed manuals.
  • Increase eEdge adoption through a dedicated support program.
  • Accelerate your agents’ productivity through enhanced accountability and challenging competitions.
  • Create the excitement and energy in your market center that will drive attendance to training.
  • Network with other Instructors for tips and inspiration.

Register* your market center to participate in the Ignite Instructor Launch by emailing

*Registration for Ignite is required to receive Webinar invitations, Instructor checklists and other resources.

About Ignite

When Ignite is taught at a high level, it generates powerful results for your agents and your market center.

Launched in 2011, Ignite replaced CAMP 4:4:3 as the signature Keller Williams University training course for all real estate agents. The course has a single objective: to propel agents into immediate productivity through action – what we call learning for earning’s sake.

Agents learn the fundamentals of real estate with the help of productivity-based exercised an online tracking system, streamlined job aids and powerful scripts that generate leads immediately.

“The totals for our Sandy Springs Superstars in just one month were huge! 1,924 added to database. 1,868 Connections . 1,660 Notes. 559 Homes Previewed. 148 Appointments. 34 Signed Agreements. 22 Written Contracts. And 8 Closed Contracts.” - Janice Brody Loose, assistant team leader, Atlanta – Sandy Springs Market Center

When Ignite first launched in 2011 more than 500 market centers across the company participated in the program. Here’s what they had to say:

“Smoke alarms going off at the Keller Williams Palos Verdes market center from the heat being generated during our awesome Ignite sessions!” - Ruben Mata, associate, Palos Verdes (Calif.) market center

“We have 18 excited agents attending regularly. Numbers to date: 326 contacts added to database, 320 connections, 147 notes and 128 homes previewed. Nineteen appointments, five signed agreements, 10 contracts written and four closed. Way to go KW Sonoran Living!” - Linda Fuller Lyons, productivity coach, Sonoran Living (Ariz.) market center

“My favorite part is the following quote from one of our agents who said ‘I've learned more in the past three days than the past year.’ SWEET!” - Robben Mathews, team leader, Atlanta – Peachtree Road (Ga.) market center

“Woohoo! Fifteen students, 30 contacts and 14 referrals in 15 minutes today in Kansas City! Exhilarated from teaching. There is so much packed in that first day. Amazing energy in the office!! Love it!” - Karelyn Geiger, associate, Kansas City – Northland (Kan.) market center

“Having survived the first two days of Ignite, I am amazed at the quality of information offered in this course. We are deluged with leads, and my 54 students are already writing offers. KW Corona Rocks!” - Frank Spencer, team leader, Corona (Calif.) market center

“In one day of Ignite we had 16 agents and 13 appointments.” - Shannon Aldrich, productivity coach, Portsmouth

Do you have Spanish-speaking associates who are interested in becoming an Ignite Instructor? Download the Spanish version of this blog post here to send to them!