What is the Keller Williams Growth Share Platform?

Jul 25, 2013 10:38:44 AM

In real estate we’re trained to ask “Who do you know that is ready to buy or sell a home?” or “Who do you know that is looking to get into real estate?” At KW Worldwide, we ask, “Who do you know that is ready to launch Keller Williams Realty internationally?”


Through the Growth Share platform, associates can actively participate in growing their passive income by growing the company internationally.

The concept stems from the belief that Keller Williams associates are the driving force in growing their market centers and building the dominant real estate company in their market. This belief is one of the many ways we disrupt the market and dominate the game of real estate, and it is the cornerstone of the unique business culture within our company.

Our associates have an unparalleled and unlimited opportunity to actively participate in the growth and productivity of their market center - and receive the financial rewards that come from their efforts. In the United States and Canada, the financial rewards are offered through our Profit Share program, in which owners share their office profits back with the associates who helped that office to grow.

In other countries around the globe, Keller Williams offers a Growth Share program in which master franchisee owners and Keller Williams reward associates who help the company grow by sharing a portion of the company’s revenue with those associates. Because any Keller Williams associate can participate in either of the two plans, and both Profit Share and Growth Share are distributed across borders all over the world, the two different systems create a powerful wealth building platform for those who help Keller Williams grow and succeed.

In the Growth Share model, when an agent completes a transaction, they receive a commission, which is split between that agent and their office. Every month that office then sends a portion of their revenue to Keller Williams and the region, who reward the agents who helped their offices and region grow, in thanks and in recognition of their contribution to growing the company.

The amount of money anyone in the Growth Share system receives is a reward. They are rewarded for growth like an owner, but without the personal risks of owning or investing any capital.

Unlike other forms of investments, this system can boast the following:

  • No financial risk
  • No legal risk
  • No down payment

Gary Keller states that “Our wealth-building platform is an equal opportunity, unequal reward system.”

Associates who have made the decision to participate in the Profit Share program have seen their life changed forever—associates like W. Darrow Fiedler. Darrow didn’t receive significant income in his first year of growing his tree; however, since then he has received more than $600,000. He explains that he enjoys using the money to make others’ lives better. It doesn’t happen overnight. Sharon Gibbons explains, “We’ve had some people who received a dollar in their first check, and now they live—and live well—off their passive income.”

If you have international contacts don't let the relationship stop at the transaction. Download the Growth Share White Paper and sign up for the Growth Share Webinar to find out how you can build Worldwide relationships and your passive income in the process.

The Growth Share Opportunity

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