Mega Camp Lineup Announced!

Sep 3, 2013 8:27:04 PM

Are you staying ahead of the curve or just trying to keep up?

Mega Technology Camp brings you today's tech power players sharing the strategies and technologies they're using to DO LESS and ACHIEVE MORE!

Lead generation by selling a lifestyle, not just a house
Be a mobile agent: tools to run your business from anywhere
J. Michael Manley
Maggee Miggins
Laurie Davis
Lisa Archer

Social listening ... not social stalking

Do less, achieve more with Google Apps

Chad Hyams
Liz Landry
Cary Sylvester
Jason Tang

How to find and market to your global buyers

Bill Hunt Natascha Tello Mallina Wilson

Team systems: Learn from the next group of innovators - What systems are they using today for team accountability, productivity and automation.

Matt Fetick
Lori Ballen
Brad Korn

Are You Just Staying "Busy" Thinking BIG and Acting BOLD?

Check out just a few of the top agent interviews recently added to the Mega Agent Camp line up! These top producers are experiencing EXTRAORDINARY results by putting their ONE Thing to work!

Brett Tanner - 2013 - Mega Agent Camp

Being "SHIFTY" - Interview with Brett Tanner
How to use the market of the moment to your advantage while still keeping a firm grip on your constant business models.

90 in 90 - Interview with Craig Reger
How one agent made listings his ONE Thing and made a commitment to take 90 listings in 90 days.


Branding and Marketing - Interview with Ryan Zook
Using cutting-edge marketing tools to push listings to a higher platform than the competition.

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