Don’t Get Too Comfortable: Avoiding Complacency in a Fast-Paced Market

Sep 18, 2013 2:02:15 PM

As the market gets better, we hit our goals earlier in the year, take a break and then … we allow complacency to set in. This cycle, says KW MAPS Coach Tony Dicello, becomes all too familiar for many successful real estate agents and real estate office leaders.


Yesterday afternoon, he moderated a panel featuring Wendi Harrelson, regional director of Texas-South, Lesley Williams, team leader of the Ballantyne (N.C.) Area market center, and Johan Gouws, COO of the KW South African Region, on how to avoid complacency in business.

What exactly is complacency? DiCello called it the villain of a fast-paced market.

“What you have to ask yourself is what do you do to end it?”

The message resonated with audience members and market center leadership, many of whom have seen an uptick in home prices and home sales. Having survived and thrived in markets of all shapes and sizes, DiCello asked panelist to demonstrate why it’s so important for brokers, owners, team leaders and agents to maintain a growth mindset, even when things get “easy.”

Harrelson illustrated his point with a story. “Once we had conquered the San Antonio, Texas market and achieved our growth goals, we knew there was more to be done. Not too long after we opened a KW Luxury Homes International division in our market center, a new avenue where we could grow our people, and as a result production and profits.”

The panelists proposed a number of ways to evaluate complacency and motivate leadership teams, Associate Leadership Councils and associates. It beings with a few questions:

How can we create new energy and challenges?

Start with new contests and challenges to reach targets not yet hit.

Are we content with how things are going?

Look at your situation. What are you feeding your mind? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are you working on yourself, tracking your goals and future objectives?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where are we on reaching our potential?

No one is ever truly at their full potential because there is always room for improvement. Look for ways to reach beyond your comfort zone and achieve more.

DiCello wrapped up the panel with these wise words: “If we’re not striving to reach our potential, we’re wasting our time and efforts.”