Winning with Words: Inman News’ Laura Monroe Shares Tips on Blogging for Better SEO at Mega Tech Camp

Sep 18, 2013 5:19:32 PM


Today’s Mega Technology Camp was something of a homecoming for Inman News Social Media Director Laura Monroe. Twelve years ago she started a real estate career as a marketing coordinator with Keller Williams Realty in the San Francisco Bay area. “This is really exciting for me to be here at Mega Camp,” she told the audience.

Monroe didn’t waste any time in jumping into the content of her presentation which was entirely focused on … content! More specifically, how real estate agents can leverage great content in new and different ways to increase their search engine optimization (SEO).

If there’s one tool in every real estate agent’s tool box that works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week it’s their Website. Monroe encouraged audience members to connect a blog to it and “continually feed it new and exciting content for buyers and sellers finding you online.” Of course, she recognized the challenges that come with needing to constantly write, post and source great content. “We want to leverage the content that you have already written to make your Website work harder, better and smarter for you.”

Here are Monroe’s top four tips:

Tip 1: Reorganize Your Blog Content

If you've already written articles for buyers and sellers that are very specific, you can separate the content into different buckets and re-post it to your Website or blog. “You’re not re-creating content,” she noted, “you’re simply reorganizing it to be very specific so that when people land on the doorstep of your Website it’s organized like you do a home.” It’s also important to make it user-friendly, so that they can get information that they find valuable, she explained. Typically that means using simple language and writing shorter posts.

Tip 2: Be Really Specific

Are you an expert on short sales? Are you involved in your community in a way that speaks to a particular demographic? “Take that pre-written content and create blog posts for each of those topics so that you can find brand new people.”

“How many of you have blog posts from three years ago that continue to drive people to your Website,” she asked. “Summarize those bits and pieces of content in new and different ways to create all-new blog posts. The amazing thing about this digital content is that it will continue to feed your Website for years to come,” Monroe added.

Tip 3: Visual Marketing Matters

The visual economy is huge in today’s online, photo-obsessed society. And it makes sense. Photos are a simple way for people to digest information on the Web. “Did you know that we absorb visual information 60 times faster that we do through text? One of the things we used to do is post galleries of our sold properties. We would use those photos to generate additional traffic to our Website. What that tells the reader is the types of homes you sell, the neighborhoods you sell in and that you are an expert in that community.”

Not a big blogger but want to get on the visual bandwagon? Monroe suggests using shared Facebook photo albums. “Open one up, get your sphere, clients, friends and family to contribute, then embed those into your blog or Website.”

Tip 4: Flaunt What You Have

Agents often fall into the habit of using old accolades and common terms such as “top producer” to describe their accomplishments. Monroe offered a different strategy. “People are less concerned that you were the top rookie from 1994,” she joked. “What I’d like you to think about instead is how your recent accomplishments and thought leadership in your community make you stand out. Then I want you to create a ‘Media Page.’” This might include recent speaking engagements, interviews, conferences or appointments to top community and industry boards. “This is a place where buyers and sellers can see what you have developed over the course of your career.”