Google interviews Keller Williams Realty’s Jason Tang

Oct 11, 2013 6:21:54 PM

Google is just as excited as we are about all 90,000 of you going Google! Their team recently sat down with Jason Tang, Executive Director of Technology, to learn about what drove the move to Google Apps for Business and what we're looking forward to.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

Google: Can you tell us about Keller Williams and your decision to move to Google Apps?

Tang: Our path to Google Apps was driven by two immediate features both groups needed: a better email platform and a more integrated calendar system. We ran on-premise Microsoft Exchange in our headquarters and a separate system built on an open source platform for our associates. It was an antiquated solution, to say the least. We evaluated Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365, and what clinched it for Google Apps was the future we saw with it. At the 80,000-foot view, our decision wasn’t just about solving our two biggest problems today, but about innovating for the years ahead. We’re betting on a great platform that we know will only get better.

Google: Real estate agents are always on the go. How did mobile play into your decision to use Google Apps?

Tang: Mobile, mobile, mobile is our rallying cry. Our agents don’t succeed sitting behind a desk, and when it comes to mobile apps, they want it to “just work” – whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. We’ve spent plenty of time imagining a typical day once we’ve got our associates on Apps.

Google: What excites you most about the future with Google Apps?

Tang: What excites us most is the potential with Google Apps. Yes, we’re thrilled to roll out the core products, like Gmail, Calendar and Drive, and our employees and agents are thrilled to upgrade to a system they’re so familiar with. From where I stand, I see endless possibilities beyond the core products. I imagine agents using YouTube to feature videos of properties, Drive to upload disclosure packets, Voice to manage their client calls, and Blogger to create blogs on local real estate trends. Google Apps are the building blocks to create a whole new technology infrastructure for our company.

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