BOLD Script to Invite Your Clients to Use Your KW Mobile Search App

Nov 18, 2013 3:28:17 PM

You've enacted your WolfNet IDX, updated your contact information in the White Pages, added lead inquiry alerts to your eEdge profile, and secured your URL, QR and text codes to market your KW Mobile Search App.

Now that you've taken care of the technical details, it's time to get the word out! Use this BOLD script over the phone or in person whenever possible!

Thanks for taking my call, this is ___ with Keller Williams Realty and I have some exciting news to share with you! Has there ever been a time when you were just curious about the price or other features of a home and you didn’t want to call the agent or look it up on your computer?

Well now you have one simple place to find all the information you want about real estate … any location, any property, anytime, without calling anyone, by using my new mobile app for smartphones. It is as easy as pushing a button to find everything you want to know about real estate, right now.

Because you are a client of mine, it’s free to you! Would you like me to send you the link to download it from the App Store or from Google Play so you can start using it today?

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