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KW Wellness Kicks Off Wellness Challenge

At Keller Williams Realty, we like a good challenge. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that our organization is made up of some pretty fierce competitors. Or perhaps it’s that the words “goal setting,” “accountability” and “achievement” are commonplace in our daily conversations.

Regardless of the reasons, Keller Williams associates raise the bar in every effort they accept.

It’s with that spirit that we’re challenging you to achieve your 2013-2014 wellness goal during the KW Wellness Challenge!


Combining the definition of wellness, which is “the state of being healthy in body and mind,” and the teachings from Gary Keller’s The ONE Thing, the KW Wellness Challenge is a 66-day effort to help you get in tip-top shape to make 2014 your best year yet in both your professional and personal life!

When to start: The challenge begins On December 1, 2013 and goes through February 4th.

What to do: Get your body moving and your mind wandering to achieve your most healthy place. Run, walk, bike or meditate – choose the activities you need to do to get your body and mind headed in the right direction toward your personal health goal.

How to track it: Track your progress with the KW-provided goal tracker. With built-in habit tracking, customizable text or email reminders, and shareability, it’s easy to track your goals, receive reminders, and share your results with your friends on Facebook or your favorite social media channel. Don’t forget to include #KWwellness and #66daychallenge!

How to win prizes: Individuals and market centers who participate will have a chance to win some awesome prizes – which we will be announcing soon. In the meantime, get moving, get motivated and enjoy the rewards of stronger abs and a clear mind!

Warning: positive results and increased accountability may result. 

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13 comments on “KW Wellness Kicks Off Wellness Challenge
  1. Kimberly Windle says:

    I’m in.

  2. Mattie Frascella says:

    Sounds good to me!

  3. Peggy Pfohl says:

    Very excited for the Sugarloaf Market Center to participate!

  4. DougInGJCO says:

    How do you get in on this challenge and where are the details of what participants will be doing?

    • adminkwblog says:

      Doug – Start the challenge by choosing what you will be doing to get your mind or body in shape! Then start using the Goal Tracker, available at Input your goal and you’re all set! good luck and keep an eye out for more on the KW Wellness Challenge!

  5. Tyler Ford says:

    I am in. How do individuals participate?

  6. Patty Buckley Lawson says:

    I looked on the website for Wellness Challenge and couldn’t find any info. How do we participate?

    • adminkwblog says:

      Patty – start by choosing your goal! Whether it’s running, walking, meditating or keeping a daily journal, wellness is both the mind and the body! Then log onto the Goal Tracker and input your goals. Stay tuned for more on the KW Wellness Challenge. We’ll be bringing you updates to prizes and more. Good luck!

  7. Lisa Clark says:

    The ONE Thing Goal Tracker is a great tool to get you started on the 66 Day Challenge! I am starting a group for this challenge for those participating to support each other! Ask questions, post comments & provide general support! Strength in numbers!

  8. Valerie Crowell says:

    I’ve been looking at my tracker for two weeks trying to figure out what to do. The one thing that I need to make a habit again is walking the dog. Starting in 3…2…1

  9. Lisa Clark says:

    FYI-KW Goal Tracker link is down. :(

  10. Cyndi Bell says:

    Go to the
    • Choose 1 Goal from any category in the app (example: lose 5 lbs)
    • Choose 1-2 Habits that will support your goal (do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, 3 days/week)
    • Share your Goals/Habits on social media (FB, etc.—you will be prompted by the web browser app)
    Use tags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    – #KWWellness
    – #66DayChallenge
    – #theONEthing
    – @garykeller
    – @kellerwilliamsrealty

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