Jessica Cojocari’s Four eEdge Training Mythunderstandings

Dec 3, 2013 9:52:57 AM

eEdge Mythunderstandings Jessica Cojocari

What do you do when your company rolls out an innovative technology destined to change the way real estate agents conduct their businesses? For Jessica Cojocari the answer was simple: learn everything. In 2011, after the release of eEdge, she immersed herself in the product and quickly became regarded as the “go-to” girl for questions on getting started. The former front desk girl now flexes her geeky muscle on a regular basis both as MCA and MC tech coordinator, training agents at Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty in Ontario Ottawa, and throughout the Canada Region.

Here, Cojocari shares some common myths and frequent questions that arise during her eEdge training sessions.

Myth: I need to be proficient before I start using eEdge.

Cojocari: You don’t need to be an expert before diving into the system. eEdge is broken into myLeads, myMarketing, myTransactions, myContacts, myEmail and myActionPlans. While all of these components work together to complete the transaction loop, they won’t work together if the administrative section isn’t filled out properly. I always instruct my students to start there before doing anything else. Then, at your own pace, dive into each section. If you need extra help, get into training or take advantage of the KW Technology Webinars that are listed in the weekly email updates.

Myth: myMarketing can’t really be as simple as “set it and forget it.”

Cojocari: This one is tricky. Yes, myMarketing is easy in that you can literally set it up once and not have to think about it, but I always recommend sending yourself a copy of the content so that if a client calls and references your last email, you’ll know what they’re talking about! If you’re a beginner, the first campaign you should start is a 33 Touch. To do so, go into myMarketing and click on Campaigns. I always encourage associates to pick the “Advanced Setup” option for more customization ability.

Myth: The Market Leader Pro add ons for eEdge are just an upsell.

Cojocari: This couldn’t be more false! If you choose to pay extra for Market Leader Pro, the Community feature is a fantastic way to engage your Website visitors with content based on a specific community (ZIP code) that you serve while ramping up your search engine optimization (SEO). To activate the Community feature, login to (, click on the + sign next to myMarketing and then on Manage eEdge Website. Enter in the neighborhood name and type in the first three characters of the postal code. Then you can type a short description of the area and add a pin to show the location of your neighborhood and click Save. Once your community page is live, post the URL on your Craigslist advertisements or on specific marketing pieces to generate leads for homes in those specific areas.

Myth: I just need the bare minimum contact information.

Cojocari: Filling out the database is crucial! First name, last name and a method of contact (email, phone number or mailing address) are the minimum requirements. What we’ve found is that the next layer of information – the how, where and when you met them, plus what you discussed – will help you make more effective marketing decisions. Also, the more current and correct the information in your database is, the more it will generate business for you. Once the contact’s information is in, the next step is to put them into the appropriate group and then to launch the appropriate campaign.

Extra Tip! Consistent contact info is crucial.

Cojocari: The way you enter your contact’s information in eEdge now is the same way you’ll do it 10 years. It never changes until the contact moves through the process of buying or selling! Laminate your system and make sure everyone on your team implements it!