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Use the 135 to Reach Your Dream Destination

Results are in direct proportion to our activities and strategies. So what action plan do you have in place to create the career worth having, business worth owning and life worth living? If your answer is a bit hazy, Mega Agent and OP Ben Kinney, will get you real clear.

“Think big, share your goals and create a plan,” he said, during his breakout session “Planning for a Big Year with the 1-3-5.” Here’s the short and sweet reminder on how to create a roadmap for your business – and in turn, your life – that will get you the biggest results you can imagine.  

 Start out by asking yourself, “What’s the math that I have to do?”

 Your Units X Average Home Price = Your Volume

 Your Volume X Your Average Commission = Your Net Income

Is this going to take care of your big dreams? Once you have the numbers nailed down, here’s what you’re 1-3-5 or GPS, as we call it, will look like. First off, GPS stands for Goals, Priorities, Strategies. And, in keeping in line with the more commonly termed 1-3-5 business plan, its basic layout is 1 goal, 3 priorities to achieve that goal and 5 strategies for each priority.

Now that you understand the basic format, here are the rules:

1. It has to fit on a single piece of paper.

2. Your whole team needs to use the same format.

3. Everyone must follow the template.

4. Share it with people – or it won’t happen.

The Real Estate  Professional’s GPS

Goal: I will close __ amount of homes equaling  __ in volume equaling  __ in GCI.

Priority 1: Buyers closed (decide on % and put a number here based on your goal)

  •  Strategy 1 sphere (what % of buyers will you have to close via your sphere to hit your number? Put a number to it)
  •  Strategy 2 open houses (same)
  •  Strategy 3 internet leads (same)
  • Strategy 4 signs and fliers (same)
  • Strategy 5 Buyer classes (same)

As long as all strategies added up are greater than your priority then you know you’ll hit it.

Priority 2: Sellers closed (decide on % and put a number here based on your goal)

  • Strategy 1 sphere (what % of sellers will you have to close via your sphere to hit your number? Put a number to it)
  • Strategy 2 open houses (same)
  • Strategy 3 internet leads (same)
  • Strategy 4 expired (same)
  • Strategy 5 farming, etc. (same)

Priority 3: Who, have, know, be (in order to get different results, you will need to know different things, have different tools, know different people and be in business with talent)

  • Strategy 1 BOLD, RS, KWFR
  • Strategy 2 Hire an assistant – if you do not have one, you are one. Care about your hourly wage. What is your time worth? “If I throw you a hot potato I want French fries back not a hot potato,” Ben said.
  • Strategy 3 Hire a showing agent
  • Strategy 4 Get systems, such as a Website system
  • Strategy 5 Educate yourself on leadership – we’re not born leaders, but are we learning how to be a leader?

And, there you have it. If you put this in a public area and hold yourself – and your team – accountable to following the roadmap, you’ll get the results you want. And, if you want to get even more specific, Ben suggests taking your GPS two steps further.

Step 1: Create a separate page for every strategy you have and write five specific strategies to accomplish that strategy.

Based on Buyer Strategy 1 – Your Sphere

  • Strategy 1 call 1/mo
  • Strategy 2 mail 1/mo
  • Strategy 3 email 2/mo
  • Strategy 4 visit 3/mo
  • Strategy 5 social 1/mo

Step 2: Attach a “who” to each of your second-layer strategies.

Based on Buyer Strategy 1 – Your Sphere

  • Strategy 1 call 1/mo – me
  • Strategy 2 mail 1/mo – not me
  • Strategy 3 email 2/mo – not me
  • Strategy 4 visit 3/mo – me/not me
  • Strategy 5 social 1/mo – not me

By doing this, you’re plan will only get more clear… not to mention you just wrote a job description for various members of your team (or future team). And, there’s no bigger opportunity than building a real estate team. “The gift Gary and Keller Williams gives us, is that we can take an industry of people that used to be ‘retired cops, teachers, moms, corporate burnouts, etc.’ and turn it into an industry of ‘business owners.,’” Ben said. “The GPS is your roadmap. If you do it, you’ll see the holes in your business; if you share it, you’ll get results; if you complete the additional two steps, you’ll build a manual for how you run your business.”

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