Mega Tech Unplugged: eEdge for Teams, Google Apps for Business, Easy Apps for a Digital Life

Feb 18, 2014 7:22:13 PM

In Monday’s State of the Company address, CEO Mark Willis stated “We have to continue to help you build your business through the best training and technology offerings this industry’s ever seen.” One such offering is Mega Technology Camp which takes place in Austin each September during KW MAPS Coaching’s Mega Camp. Today, Cary Sylvester, vice president of technology innovation and communication, gave Family Reunion attendees a taste of real estate’s latest technology trends during Mega Tech Unplugged.

Going Digital

Sylvester had her own personal journey from pen and paper to a completely digital landscape. She found that with a good stylus - she recommended the Adonit Jot Flip - and powerful apps - Goodnotes for iPad or FreeNote for Android - a tablet device could be more useful than traditional pen and paper. For example, Sylvester was able to instantly and automatically back up her notes through Dropbox and Google Drive and share them with her team. “This would be a super simple solution to reduce all of the clutter and chaos in a team environment,” said Sylvester. No matter where you are, your whole team will be able to tap into the documents – as long as there is an Internet connection. Sylvester charged everyone to take on the same challenge, “technology should enhance, not detract.”

eEdge for Teams

Chris Heller, president of KW Worldwide was next to take the stage to talk about eEdge for teams – the next innovation in Keller Williams complete lead-to-close system. ”The KW Research team went out and talked to the most successful mega teams in the company to understand their systems and learn their processes,” Heller said. “Armed with the best information we’re excited to begin work on this solution.” Included in eEdge for teams will be team-based lead routing, team accountability dashboards, team-based action plans, shared calendars, team specific group char, multiple Websites in a single CRM, the ability to assign tasks by role and marketing with a team brand. “All of this is part of KW Technology’s mission to provide the best tools and innovation for our agents,” he added.

Google Apps for Business

Jason Tang, executive director of technology, spoke to the audience about Keller Williams’ recent partnership with Google and the Google Apps for Business which they have made available to our agents. Last fall, Keller Williams associates were given access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Talk through their email addresses. Just last week, in a previously unannounced rollout, they gained access to a even more Google apps including: Google+, Hangouts, Voice, YouTube, Maps, Places, Analytics, Blogger, Books, Custom Search, Feedburner, Finance, Map Maker, Moderator, News, Panoramio, Picasa, Translator and Webmaster Tools. “Together, this now gives our associates more than 20 Google Apps to utilize in their business.,” said Tang.


Keller Williams Mobile App

Tang also discussed the popular Keller Williams’ mobile app, which now has more than 220,000 downloads. “The Keller Williams Realty Real Estate Search App has been outperforming other industry apps in both total download numbers and agent-branded downloads,” said Tang He welcomed Ellen Curtis, Keller Williams’ executive director of marketing and communications. Curtis provided an update on the KW Mobile App Sweepstakes which is currently underway, empowering agents to share their app and enter for a chance to win $20,000. You can check out who’s in the lead to win $20,000 on myKW