BOLD Law: "You Can Have Reasons or Results, And You Can’t Have Both"

Mar 18, 2014 5:37:41 PM

"I would've gotten it done, except for..."

"You don't understand! I had so much to do..."

How many times have you given reasons for something you didn't do? Wouldn't you rather have given results instead? As the BOLD Law states, "You can have reasons or results, and you can't have both."

We've seen this law proven again and again from the time we were kids all the way through to our adult working lives, and if you really want results, it's time to stop giving reasons. When you commit to producing results, you may find yourself having to learn how to say "no" to keep from accruing any of those dreaded reasons. And once you give up on giving reasons, your results will follow in a big way.

"You can obtain more transactions in seven weeks than most people do in a year," says Dianna Kokoszka, CEO of KW MAPS Coaching and Keller Williams University. "BOLD will teach you how to get results and to forget about all the reasons."

So are you giving reasons, or are you producing results? Hear more from Kokoszka on the BOLD Law of "You can have reasons or results, and you can't have both."