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Keller Williams Tops 100,000 in Associate Count

Keller Williams, the largest real estate franchise in North America by associate count, announced today that as of the end of April, its worldwide associate count has broken the 100,000 mark at 100,575.


“One hundred thousand is such an important milestone for us because it signals that we are on the verge of becoming the largest real estate company in the world!” said Vice President of Growth John Davis. “Of all the numbers we track, associate count is by far the most important to our model, and we can clearly see that our growth trajectory far surpasses the industry and what any other company in our industry is doing. It’s this growth that has driven our offices to record-breaking profitability and massive productivity gains for our agents.”

During the first quarter of 2014, Keller Williams has already grown by 2.8 percent while membership in the National Association of REALTORS® has shrunk by 2.4 percent. The company’s growth has now outpaced the growth of NAR for 21 consecutive months (every month since July 2012), according to membership numbers on NAR’s Website.

In 2013, NAR as a whole grew by 5 percent. According to public filings by the other major franchises in the industry, RE/MAX grew by 4.7 percent, Century 21 by 3.5 percent and Coldwell Banker by 3.3 percent. During the same time period, Keller Williams experienced 18 percent associate growth.

“Our leadership team and our entire associate base are fired up right now,” said Keller Williams CEO Mark Willis. “Our continued growth over the last few years proves that our models, systems and people are unmatched in the industry. Our leaders are proving that if you believe in a goal and work relentlessly toward it – you can make it happen!”

Last year, Keller Williams announced that it had become the largest real estate franchise by associate count in North America, as well as its intention to grow to No. 1 in the world by associate count, followed by closed units, and then by closed sales volume.

At the end of 2013, KW also announced:

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15 comments on “Keller Williams Tops 100,000 in Associate Count
  1. Rochelle Allison says:

    Wow – can’t say I am surprised. Total world domination is on the horizon!

  2. Marlene Lane says:

    So proud to be a part of such an amazing company!

  3. Finally made it…way to go everyone!

  4. Joe Reider says:

    So awesome to be a part of KW family!

  5. Tom McDermott says:

    While arguably impressive, I find it interesting that kw/John Davis believe that “Of all the numbers we track, associate count is by far the most important to our model.” Really? THE most important? Does it matter how many of those associates are great associates or even good associates? What percentage of the 100k produce more than the industry average/produced more than the average in the last year? What percentage of them produce the same as the industry average and what percentage don’t produce at all? What percentage of them are truly great at what they do and what percentage of them shouldn’t be sales associates? Full disclosure; I don’t work for kw but I do have a lot of friends that do, so I follow kw, and it seems like a great company. I just wonder if being “the biggest” and touting that you’re the biggest is truly in the long-term best of the brand… Would you rather be the best at what you do and tell people why you’re the best, or is it best that consumers/potential customers and homeowners know that you’re the biggest? #genuinelycurious

    • Ashley Lunn says:

      I would argue that with all of the choices out there, an agent must be wowed and taken care of by their company for them to stay. For that reason, our size does say alot about us. If we don’t deliver the value to our associates then they leave and we don’t grow. Because we deliver education and training to improve the professionalism of our associates the Real Estate consumer has a better experience. Size counts…it is evidence of a very strong model that delivers value.

      • Tom McDermott says:

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply Ashley. I absolutely agree that size counts, and you, the company and all of it’s associates should be VERY proud of your growth. No question. However, I could point to countless organizations around the world that are the biggest in their industry, while they weren’t perceived as best by consumers. Therefore, my curiosity and question is about what it says about the company, the values and your brand, when the most important factor you measure is size… I’m not saying you or the company are wrong by the way, but I want to know if that’s how you truly want to be perceived by me, a potential customer..? It’s one thing to talk about your growth and what it means to you internally, but it’s quite another when you tell consumers/potential customers that this is what “most matters to you”… Again, I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong here; I’m simply trying to ascertain what the company’s values are and how you want to be perceived in the market by potential customers versus potential associates… Truly.

    • Kevin R. Cooper says:

      Tom, the reason this is so big for us is that it is not in the best interest of the “Brand”. KW spends 0$’s on its brand and spends all of its dollars on training coaching its agents to profitability and success. They walk the talk, they lead by example. Being number one in agent count is just evidence of what every KW associate already knows. Being the best, requires goals and competing at every level. How do you gauge an international real estate phenomenon? How do know if you are winning? You track, agent count, transactions, volume, commissions earned by associates, and the quality of your training. “Big is not Bad” Big creates more opportunity.

    • Kevin B Tolbert says:

      Kw agents out produce every segment of the real estate market and have produced more millionaire real estate agents than any other brand.

      In addition, the secret of our growth and success is the Recruit select method which screens talent and only matches the best talent with the best position fit for them.

      Lastly, why don’t you interview me or any of my 100k family members to sell your home and you will see the clear difference.

      We average higher than any other brand for sale price and get our clients higher profits.

      We sell in shorter time than every major brand.

      And we market your home on more internet sites worldwide than any other company.

      We don’t just stick a sign in the ground and wait.

      I am currently in Canada promoting my Florida listings to the highest segment of buyers for Florida homes.

      Ask any of those other brands the last time they went to another country to sell their listings?

      I ask when you are ready to sell your home you call the rest first and then call the best last. As KW is the only logical choice to market your home and get you top dollar in the shortest time.

    • I would also argue that there are SO many things about KW which are unique in the real estate industry that for those of who know the KW model there are many many things that just go without saying…seriously…growth without national TV advertising, zero debt, profit sharing, education based, agents who work together rather than compete with one another, a commitment to community involvement…too much to mention…the numbers who join the ranks spells out that all the other things about the KW model MAKE SENSE and are working! It is a success story for middle Americans everywhere. I am a lawyer in my previous life for 25+ years so for me the choice of company was very important…and the choice was clear. When a company thinks outside the box and so greatly improves upon what others are doing…lets celebrate the fact that it is working and not take one statement and analyze it to death!

  6. Michael Clapp says:

    I joined KW in 1998 and I think we were around 3,000-4,000 agents and not even in every state. Although some may criticize the boasting of becoming the largest, it takes growth to get everyone’s attention and to have an impact on the industry. The remaining goals of #1 in agent productivity and #1 in closed units will follow. Plus, as a team leader and market center investor, I’m focused on hiring talent – not just a license. I know that my fellow team leaders are doing the same.

  7. Bill Moffitt says:

    So Proud to be Part of such an outstanding company, that in my 4 years with them have grown to International status, and stands side by side with all their agents. definitely the Biggest family business their is… The KW Family!!!! BOOYAH!!!!

  8. Its our philosophy that makes KW such a great company and why it continues to grow; great training, great cooperation and support, great negotiation skills and a genuine desire to give our clients the very best service available. We’re relentless in working to be the best and that’s why our numbers continue to increase.

  9. Brent Dalley says:

    #Booyah for sure! I see and read all the discussions and as a business owner I have to reflect back on the “then and now” We #KWRI are definitely the pioneers as well as conduits for this industry. I appreciate that agent-centric focus is the one thing and what you focus on expands. As we take the number one position in the world as the leader in size it also allows you to take the lead in all categories across the board… All based on focus of the #OneThing

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