Leverage Your Customers and Have Them Do Your Marketing

Sep 17, 2014 6:51:31 PM

"Keller Williams Mega Camp 2014"

Liz Landry, MAPS Technology Coach, led a panel of mega agents who are driving big business through online client reviews. The key is to get purposeful about leveraging your clients to help make it happen.

Jeff Glover, one of the top reviewed agents in the country receives eight leads a month from his customers using Zillow reviews. By providing phenomenal service and coaching customers on how to effectively share their experience, Glover’s team does an extra 40 deals a year.

Christy Belt Grossman has been using Zillow reviews since 2011 and by using a pre-listing binder setting the expectation that the team is going to ask for a review up front in the process her team is able to then coach the customer and reflect back what they say to help them write a specific and detailed effective review. By customers telling their story, Christy said, “in a competitive market competing for listings makes reviews even more important as the more your digital footprint is online the more they can build trust in you.”

Sue Adler of Hear It Direct says Zillow reviews is where the consumer is and service is what’s going to get the review. Treat your customers well with top customer service and they will do the marketing for you.

How to maximize reviews and drive deals:

"Keller Williams Mega Camp 2014"

  • Respond professionally to bad reviews.
  • Build a personal connection so the customer will want to write a review.
  • Send links to reviews right before listing appointment.
  • Use review content in other marketing campaigns.
  • Use automated processes to request reviews.
  • Coach consumers to write a specific, compelling experiences that are helpful to other.
  • Be detailed and consistent. Use specific examples.
  • Respond to positive reviews when they don’t include a lot of details to add specific things like a speedy sale, over asking etc…
  • Offer incentives to write reviews.
  • Use reviews to overcome objections and show what everyone in the team does to contribute to the experience.
  • Reach out to your existing clients and simply ask.

Your reviews do not have to be on Zillow, just pick one and run with it rather than spreading it out. Strength and consistency with a single platform will drive maximum results, according to the panelists. Consumers that find you through reviews tend to be very direct, they will say "We want to work with you. Can you list my home?" and are often more committed to move quickly on a purchase. Some will even call for a specific agent based on name in review.

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