Top Online Lead Generation Tactics

Sep 18, 2014 4:17:53 PM

After years as an actual farmer planting seeds and waiting for an annual harvest, Cal Carter transitioned his life skills into real estate and began harvesting year round. For Carter, farming his territory was a very natural way to break into real estate.

Simply put, Internet farming is building a website and driving traffic to the site. The key to a great website is good content that is specific and relevant. Spend lead generation time creating content with strong keywords and search engine optimization. “Content webpages and landing pages are seeds that we plant in the crop that we will harvest,” Carter said. Once the website visitor stays on your site, collect their contact information.

How do you build a website?

  • Build a page a day of specific information with cities, neighborhoods and property types
  • Make the content evergreen
  • Leverage the activity
  • Don’t rely on instant results
  • Require a registration ( to see more specific information like a detailed property view)

“Home searching is one of the most voyeuristic practices on the internet,” Gary Keller said.

To drive traffic to your website use search friendly organic content (Carver is not doing paid search) while focusing on one place and then take steps to grow into the next neighborhood. Start building content with stories like, “The 10 best places best neighborhoods in your city.”Ten top places to eat will drive more traffic but is not relevant. Be sure to use content that will keep bringing people to the site in the future, evergreen content needs less updating which means less work for you. Top things to do, places to shop, schools don’t change often and will drive continual site traffic.

The biggest mistakes with Internet farming:

  • Not systematically staying in touch
  • Setting wrong expectations
  • Not putting in the effort

Lori Ballen followed up on Internet farming with the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is dominating a search area. You are targeting a consumer, it’s the same as agent to agent referrals. Your niche target is real estate agents. Your first step is to decide who you are as a business (branding, messaging and audience) and then focus on what the customer wants. They want knowledge and information; give them that and you become valuable. The best Internet sites go the extra mile, a few steps farther than “Here it is.” The Internet gives you the opportunity to do what you should already be doing anyway.

To maximize SEO, build a website around your specialty and have a solid platform like blogging and maximizing social media. Build content by using a ghostwriter with a similar voice, determine what you want to say and schedule the automation. Frequent calls to action and internal links within the website will help keep visitors on the page rather than clicking off to another page. The biggest mistake in SEO is not having a focused strategy. You need to be the authority on your subject.

To build the content:

  • Choose the right keywords, use the Google planner keyword tool
  • Verify the content occasionally
  • Create a faq’s list, use your sent email for the repetitive Q&A
  • Use relative, fresh and interesting content to keep people coming back
  • Press releases with quality backlinks will make your content more credible

To best utilize these as well as other marketing tactics, Gary Keller held up and recommended two books, The 22 Irrefutable Laws of Marketing and Positioning (the battle for your mind), which will both help to further develop your marketing plans both on and offline.

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