Tips to Improve Your Marketing Communications Strategy

Sep 26, 2014 5:48:14 PM

JP Lewis, director of media productions for Keller Williams, facilitated a panel of top-producing Keller Williams agents and their marketing specialists to discuss overcoming communication fatigue. The first question they tackled: "Is email dead?" The answer is no, but your strategy might be outdated. Panelist Lance Loken presented compelling statistics that support not only the notion that email is not dead, but that there are also other widely used communication channels you should be using.

In one day in 2014 there were 350,000 babies born, 500,000 Droid phones activated, 50 million Apps downloaded, 750 million active Facebook users, 50 billion tests sent, 200 billion emails sent, 100 hours of videos uploaded every minute, 6 billion hours of videos watched on YouTube.


With 200 billion emails sent every day, there is a lot of competition for attention. Here are some tips on how to prevent your marketing emails from ending up in the spam folder.

Be consistent with your communications. Panelist Ryan Dallas said, “Email is dead until you need it.” Successful email campaigns are delivered consistently. Dallas used the example of emails from a car dealer. He purchased a new car three years ago and since then he continues to receive monthly emails from the dealer. Although last month he wasn’t in the market for a new car, this month he could be and the email will be there when he is ready for it. Do not stop communicating.

Be relevant. Panelist Tim Heyl said his team separates their campaigns by audience. For example, current leads are one group with a unique message and past clients are a different group. With regard to communicating with past clients, Heyl uses the 80/20 rule. He has identified the top 20 percent and goes the extra mile to keep in communication with them.

Loken and his VP of marketing, Jennifer Holloway, said email needs to be relevant and offer value. To accomplish this they categorize their recipients and create specialized messages for each group.

Be interesting. The Heyl Group sent 43,000 emails in the last three months and had a 22% open rate. They credit this success with the fact that they have good content supported by video.

Now that you understand what you need to put in your communications, the next question is: How do you find great content to use?

The panelists all agreed that video is important. You can pack much more information in a short video than you can in a lengthy text email. The Loken team uses KW Video to create a high volume of quality videos for their email marketing campaigns. The Heyl Group has an in-house videographer who makes three videos each month: one for sellers (which can be found at, one for buyers, and one Farm and Ranch video. Loken also films their videos in house. Since he started using videos at his listing meetings, Loken has noticed an increased conversion rate.

Social Media

The panelists recommend taking your content beyond email and using Social Media channels to communicate your message. Facebook is an inexpensive and easy way to create targeted advertisements that drive traffic to your website.

Both Loken and Heyl run home valuation ads on Facebook. “It is such low hanging fruit and something everyone should do,” said Sam Monreal, director of sales and marketing for the Heyl Group.

Text Messages


Loken systematically uses text messages because that is a preferred method of communication for some of their clients, specifically those in younger demographics. Loken's team utilizes them from right after the listing appointment to the time of contract. Holloway said they mostly use text messaging with active current clients.

"Many people won't answer the telephone, but if you send them a text message, they usually respond immediately," Heyl added.


We can't talk about communication without talking about the telephone. Even with all of the new technological advances, the telephone is still an important communication tool. "All of these other channels we discussed are just supporting the phone," Monreal said. "The phone still is the king of the hill."

Dallas agreed and said the main objective for his team is to get people on the phone.

Whatever communication channel you decide to use, implement some of these proven tips to help you generate more leads by engaging in meaningful conversations.


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