Be a Market Expert in 30 Minutes a Day

Jan 13, 2015 5:37:27 PM

“I want to hire a real estate agent who doesn’t know what is going on in the industry,” said no client ever. Clients hire the most qualified agents, period. When agents present their services, it is important that they highlight their industry knowledge and show why they are the trusted market expert in the area.

Researchers suggest that one of the best ways to boost your productivity is to take 30 minutes for an activity you enjoy. Top-producing real estate agents love learning. To help Keller Williams associates gain powerful industry knowledge, we have purchased every associate a one-year subscription to Inman Select, a premium real estate news source. Inman Select members have access to breaking industry news, business intelligence, special reports and industry profiles. All of which equips them with the knowledge they need to be the market expert in their area.

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Here are some other benefits of reading industry news every day.

  1. Daily reading helps develop interest in specialty areas. When agents read industry news, they are exposed to stories about how other agents are building successful businesses. There could be a niche market in your area that you never considered approaching until after you read about how another agent succeeded. Don’t be afraid to reach out to authors and people you read about. Ask questions. Comment on stories and submerge yourself in the areas that interest you most.
  2. Reading enhances your industry vocabulary. Your client has to have confidence in your ability to do the job better than any other agent in the area. That is why they are hiring you. A great way to enhance your industry vocabulary is to read market news. Daily industry reading keeps you current on trends and analysis that affect your clients so that you can educate them. As their real estate expert, you owe it to them to be up-to-date on industry news.
  3. Reading actually reduces your stress. Imagine time-blocking 30 minutes of stress reducing activity. Reading is proven to turn off outside thoughts and worries and bring you into the article or story where that is your one focus.

New and experienced agents can both benefit from making a habit of reading industry news daily. Get up to speed on the industry. This knowledge will empower you and give you the confidence and expertise to be successful.

Keller Williams associates, what are you waiting for? Your free one-year subscription is waiting for you. Activate inman select

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