Gift-Giving Tips for Real Estate Agents

Jan 16, 2015 5:17:12 PM

The holidays may be over, but for many real estate agents, gift giving is a year-long activity. During the home-buying process, agents build lasting relationships with their clients. Here are some tips for agents who like to give their clients gifts.

1. Deliver client gifts in person when possible. If you prefer, before you turn over the keys, you could leave a nice gift on the counter for when your clients walk into their new home for the first time. By delivering the gift by hand or personally leaving it in the home for them you are showing them that you care enough to take the time to thank them.

2. Include a personalized handwritten note with the gift. Your note should thank them for being a valued client. Let them know you enjoyed working with them and you would love to help any of their friends and family with their real estate needs.

3. Personalize the gift. By the end of the home-buying process you have undoubtedly spent numerous hours with your clients and know quite a bit about them. For example, if your client had specific yard requirements to provide for their pets, you could get them a housewarming gift for their beloved dogs. If a big kitchen was what they wanted, consider a gift card to a cooking store.

What about clients giving gifts to agents? While appreciated, it is not customary for clients to give gifts to their agents. It is estimated that agents receive a gift in one out of every 10 transactions. If a client asks you if they can give you a gift the best answer is, “Referrals!” There is no greater gift than the gift of confidence in your services. Agents should deliver referral worthy service to every client every time and the gift of success will keep giving.

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