Speak the Language of Sales

Feb 5, 2015 4:50:00 PM

What if you could turn each “no” you got into a “yes”? Can you imagine the level of growth you could achieve?

The KW MAPS Group Coaching course “The Language of Sales” puts “yes” right at your fingertips with strategies, checklists, procedure manuals and time-management protocols to enhance the language of your business. The course also includes the 17 language patterns that inspire people to say “yes.”

Joel Rico Joel Rico

“The vast majority of agents are already working plenty hard and already lead-generating like machines,” says coach Joel Rico. “My goal for real estate agents in this program is that they close every appointment they go on. They’ve already spent time to generate it, spent the time to do the prep work to get ready for the listing and to pull the paperwork together. Even a good agent goes on three to four listing appointments to take one listing. What if they could close four out of four or three out of four? Even two out of four doubles your volume without having to do additional work. It can happen overnight. It’s very common for people to go to ‘The Language of Sales’ and double their close ratio. People achieving a 300- to 400-percent gain after just one or two times in the course happens all the time.”

Rico thinks the group setting helps tremendously with learning “The Language of Sales.”

“One of the places where a lot of sales people get stuck is they typically have only one context out of which to handle an objection, but in a group dynamic, every participant gets to hear different perspectives from other people in other markets who are handling different volumes and prices,” he says. “They get a very powerful boost in perspective by practicing and role playing with agents all over the country.”

Rico’s reputation is one of the reasons Robert Stewart of the Woodbury-East Suburban (Minn.) market center first signed up for “The Language of Sales.”

“I signed up for two reasons,” Stewart says. “First, the desire to help more people buy and sell homes. I figured that I was going to have the conversation regardless, and it might as well be productive. Second, I have an immense amount of respect for Joel Rico as an instructor.”

The course helped Stewart discover his own communication style and then leverage that into better communication with his clients.

“My communication style was one-dimensional,” Stewart says. “I have a personal style, and that's all I knew. I now communicate with others on their level and on their terms. My personal style is now an amalgamation of cultures and styles. Through simple mirroring and matching, instead of sitting at the table and doing the standard monotone presentation, I seek cues from my client and the surroundings to deliver my message in the best way possible. I remember listing a fairly expensive home in my town with an extremely high-D client. I typically do a very nice presentation. I sensed this guy meant business, so I said, ‘Thank you for having me over. You're thinking about selling your home. Your home will sell in this price range, and it'll take about 45 days. Clearly, you're serious and want to sell this house in the next month. May I sell this home for you?’ He said yes, and we signed. That's it. We took a few moments to work out a price he agreed to. He said I was the fourth agent he’d talked to and the only one who asked for the sale.”

In this video, Rico talks about two powerful elements of human communication, context and language patterns (construct of language). The context of communication is how you relate to the person you are talking with and what they are left with after the conversation ends. The construct of language is literally what you say. Certain phrases you say actually trigger the neural pathways of your listener causing them to say "yes."

For more information on MAPS Group Coaching and The Language of Sales, visit http://mapscoaching.kw.com/language-sales.

The next class begins Thursday, Apr 23, 2015 - 11:00 am CDT