Hiring the Perfect Real Estate Assistant - One Who Stands Out in the Crowd

Feb 27, 2015 4:49:05 PM

Are you running your business or is your business running you? If you feel like your business is running you then it is time to get serious about implementing systems and hiring an assistant. But not just any assistant; one who stands out in the crowd.

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You Know You Need an Assistant But Don't Know Where to Begin Hiring
In the KW MAPS Group Coaching course The Perfect Real Estate Agent 101, coach Monica Reynolds provides agents with the tools to take their business from E to P. Some of these business-enhancing tools include customer service scripts that ensure repeat customers and referrals, checklists for 75 critical activities and more than 50 excellent customer service letters.
As for what you need to confidently hire the perfect assistant, Reynolds has a complete office procedures manual, detailed job descriptions with proven work schedules and an office manual you build over the course of the class ensuring it fits the unique needs of you and your growing team.
KW MAPS Coach Monica ReynoldsWhen it comes to teaching The Perfect Real Estate Assistant, no one is more qualified than Reynolds. In her 25 years of coaching, she’s trained more than 100,000 assistants. And she is not teaching theory, she is teaching from proven experience. As a real estate agent herself and the leader of one of the top-producing real estate teams in the United States, Reynolds has gained a wealth of experience in what does and doesn’t work in the office and puts that knowledge into practice for the course. “I’m in the field every day,” she says. “I take listings and run a team. This isn’t theory. If it doesn’t work, I don’t talk about it. I have the best systems out there.”

“What this course does is create systems for duplicable and scalable business plans,” Reynolds says. “Some agents are afraid to make their first hire because they don’t know how to delegate. This course affords them that experience. No other training course out there has 450 pages of an office polices and procedures manual that’s duplicable and scalable. KW MAPS Coaching has the only course for real estate assistants that makes sense.”

“The job description of a great real estate agent is to lead generate, follow-up, go on appointments, write contracts and negotiate,” she says. “It’s not in the job description of a great sales person that they are excellent at paperwork or meticulous with files or available to pick up the phone between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sales people have nothing to do with running an office well. I’m not detailed and organized, but I demand that in my office, so I hire people to support that side of it so I can do what I need to do, which is sell. This course frees assistants to take on the leadership role of running the office.”

The group setting of the course allows for assistants and team members to learn from each other during the training calls.

“Everybody comes together and shares,” Reynolds says. “The group setting really encourages assistants to build self-esteem and take leadership. They hear other assistants doing things and also hear that they have the same challenges. It shows them ‘I’m not the only island out there.’ They feel a sense of community, which is what I hear over and over again. Also, in the group call, you can hear from some of the really confident assistants and learn how they developed, which provides a road map for confidence and self-esteem.”

You Hired the Perfect Assistant But Don't Know How to Train Them

Reynolds’ reputation has inspired coaching client Devin Doherty to take the course multiple times. “Monica is an amazing coach,” he says. “She’s passionate about what she does and super concise. She’s been training assistants for so long that you’re getting best-of-the-best training.” In addition to taking the course himself, Doherty finds group coaching to be the perfect opportunity for assistants to take charge.

“The fact is that sales people aren’t necessarily great at training admins,” he says. “What I elect to do is leverage out my time through group coaching and put my assistants on it because it helps them understand exactly what a top real estate team should look like from an assistant perspective. It puts them in the driver’s seat of a high-expectation, high-return results environment very quickly. We’ve seen our assistants get up to speed very quickly in moving from just getting started to profitability.”

You Have a Team in Place But Want to Work on Inpiring and Motivating Them

In the KW MAPS Group Coaching course The Perfect Real Estate Assistant 201, Reynolds dives deep into office policies and procedures that are proven to create an irreplaceable team. In addition to collaboration with elite assistants from around the globe, the 18-weeek group coaching program also works on the development of of organizational charts and accountability systems.

There is comfort in knowing that whether you are hiring your first assistant or empowering your existing team, you are not alone! KW Maps Coaching courses offer a friendly group setting over the phone where you can train with other agents seeking to the same opportunities to grow their business. You learn from their questions and you help them learn with your questions. Click to register for the upcoming The Perfect Real Estate Assistant 101 course or the The Perfect Real Estate Assistant 201 course.