KW Kids Can Take A Quantum Leap

Jun 19, 2015 8:08:22 AM

Presented by KW Kids Can, Quantum Leap (QL) provided more than 100 “KW Kids” ages 18-24 the rare opportunity to spend an entire day in the classroom with Gary Keller during this special three-day June event, students focused on living a life of intention, thinking big, building wealth and developing a passion for generous giving. The event kicked off with a meet & greet on Thursday evening to encourage students to begin engaging with other ambitious young adults.



For the first hour of the course on day one, Keller told the candid story of his life from the 17- year old kid who didn’t give a second thought to the future in any way or form to the wildly successful, self-made man that he is today.

Through personal stories, thought-provoking examples and proven models, Keller spent the remainder of the day discussing with students how living an intentional life leads to abundance. Decide what they want their future to look like and make decisions that will lead to it.

The entire discussion was structured around the four focus areas of a wealthy life: life productivity, personal productivity, business productivity and financial productivity. Keller drilled down into each category to answer the 'why' and 'how' each could be maximized.

Students left the class with the understanding that life is just a series of small choices. Choices build on one another and ultimately determine success or failure.

“You can no longer hide behind complexities” Keller told the students after walking them through how to time block and use tools like the 1-3-5 and 411 templates. “When you use proven models consistently, you can expect predictable outcomes in your life… and if you do anything that I said here today before the age of 28, you will already have been ahead of me when I was that age.”

Session takeaways include:

  • Release the fear of failure.
  • No one succeeds alone.
  • Money won’t change you, but it will reveal you.
  • Top earners make their money off of investments, not their job.
  • Pursuit of mastery is a source of innovation.
  • Time management determines your level of success.


Following a full-day classroom session with Keller, QL students were invited to a Mastermind Workshop led by KW Kids Can director, Danny Thompson. During the workshop, students took the initial steps towards creating a life that excites them.

Quantum Leap teaches that the first step to a productive life is having a personal mission statement. The mission then becomes the criteria by which you make all future decisions. As Keller cautions “Without a mission, you’re still moving - somewhere. But it seems like progress only because you’ve made some movement at all.”

Through discussion, exercises and masterminding, students were encouraged to create a first draft of their personal mission statement. Students were helped through the process with the introduction of a formula for constructing the statement:

  • Fulfill my values
  • By using my talents
  • In the area of my passions
  • In order to leave my impact on the world

“This mission statement should reflect who you are. The clearer it is and the more you start living it, you’ll notice that you attract people who support it. These are the people you want to surround yourself with,” Thompson said. This idea directly relates to the KW Kids Can goal of creating a community of like-minded individuals. Thompson said, “We expect the next Jobs and Wosniak will meet in this room!”

One student wrote, “My mission is to maximize my time by enthusiastically learning and growing myself so that I can teach others how to push through their limiting beliefs, be successful and provide for their family and futures in a way that they never imagined possible."


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