Agents Lead the KW Town Hall Conversation

Jun 29, 2015 4:05:41 PM

On June 25, 2015, Keller Williams CEO Chris Heller and President John Davis co-hosted the first KW Town Hall, an interactive streaming conversation with associates worldwide. The live-streaming video broadcast from the Austin-Texas based Win-Win Production studios, showcased how KW is leading the industry in real estate training and really putting agents first.

KW Town Hall co-hosted by CEO Chris Heller and President John Davis


Live-streamed to market center watch parties around the world, the KW Town Hall opened with a state of the company update from Heller and Davis, who reported on the company's record-breaking first quarter. Through the first three months of the year, gross commission income was up 23 percent and profit share/growth share distributions were up 48 percent. The discussion focused on the increasing momentum associated with agent growth, productivity and profitability. "You're focusing on models. You're focusing on value. And through that focus, everything expands," Davis said. "Thank you all for your incredible work and focus on our value."

A group of agents watching the live streaming KW Town Hall co-hosted by CEO Chris Heller and President John Davis.


Then, the conversation was opened up to agents who submitted their questions through social media, using the #KWTownhall hashtag, as well as to the live studio audience of local team leaders and ALC members. Questions ranged from industry and market specific issues to personal questions for Heller and Davis about challenges, success and role models. "My mom is my role model," said Davis. "I have many role models," Heller said. "And I get to work with them every day."

Opportunities in Canada

The first agent question was about opportunities in Canada. Keller Williams currently has 23 market centers in Canada and expansion opportunities abound. KW recently named Canada's top agent, Marvin Alexander, as the new Canadian Director to lead the way to more growth. "Any agent who wants to explore opportunities in Canada is encouraged to reach out to Marvin," Davis said.

The commitment to Worldwide partners was also a topic of interest. Heller encouraged agents to connect with KW Worldwide agents and make time to visit them when possible if they ever travel abroad.

The Growth of KW Commercial

From global opportunities, the conversation shifted to the growth of KW Commercial. "The amount of value built into the the tools offered by KW Commercial is increasing and that is exciting," Heller said.

Innovation Focused

Keller Williams agents continue to learn to focus on their ONE Thing for success and Heller and Davis are no exception. When asked what KW's ONE Thing is to advance the industry, Heller replied: “Growth.” With growth comes the ability for innovation, which is key to moving forward, he explained.

Upcoming Challenges

While they don't have a crystal ball, Heller and Davis did respond to questions about challenges facing the industry and timing the next market shift.

Davis said that technology will continue to be a critical component to agent success. And he sees increasing opportunity as Keller Williams continues to innovate and expand its technology platforms.

Real estate agents have the challenge of providing even higher levels of customer experience. "You have to carry the relationship and experience beyond the transaction," Heller said.

In addition to managing business challenges, real estate agents are always interested in understanding the national and local housing markets and make adjustments as required. "For every good day we have, that is just one day closer to a bad day in the housing market because real estate is a cyclical business, " Heller cautioned. "No one knows exactly when the next shift will be, but we all know it is inevitable."

Agents can prepare for the next shift by nailing their activities every day. "Then we don’t worry so much about what is going on in the market, because we make the market," Davis said.

Productivity Advice from Leaders

One of the truly remarkable aspects about the KW Town Hall is that it offered KW associates the opportunity to ask executive leaders questions about increasing productivity.

Market centers can help increase agent productivity by holding teams and individual agents more accountable, encouraging coaching through KW MAPS Coaching and stressing that learning is a lifelong activity.

One associate asked for a tip specifically for new agents. "Make sure they find the right role model," Davis said. "New agents should connect with a high performer and imitate what they are doing." Heller advised taking advantage of the training opportunities available only to KW associates. "We have the best training in the world."

We Are All Leaders

In closing, Heller and Davis thanked all the associates for attending and submitting questions. "Your questions guide us on how we can continue to innovate and grow," Heller said. " Go out and seize all the opportunities you can," Davis encouraged. " Make this the best year of your life!"

To hear all of the questions from the event, you can view the recording on KW Connect. And be sure to check with your team leader and make sure that your market center streams the next KW Town Hall.


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