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Luxury Homes

Reza and Laura Shirangi prove the language of real estate is universal. “Our business is mainly referral, so it’s all about customer service,” Reza says. “My wife responds to emails within five seconds, and I’m good with texts and phone calls. We take having a good response time very seriously.”

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Seeing the Shift

Economic Update

Keller Williams Realty Staff Economist Ruben Gonzales talks about spotting a market shift.

If you have been in the real estate industry for very long, you probably know that the housing market goes through cycles. During the growth portion of the cycle, prices are going up and inventory levels are typically low but growing. After the market shifts, prices begin to decline as inventory levels reach a peak and then start to decline.

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Tools For Growing Globally

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Expanding Horizons

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Identify Opportunities and Close Gaps with the Daily GCI Tool

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Hot Topic: Preventing Home Fires

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Shifting Your Online Marketing into High Gear with Your KW Website

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Make it Rain All Year Long with Rainwater Collection

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Baby Proofing The Home

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Why It's Important to Share Your Story

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The Biggest Missed Opportunity in Your Business

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BOLDLY Go Where Production Increases

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More Than Price: Delivering Empathetic Customer Service

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