Wellness: One Step at a Time

Jul 27, 2016 9:34:22 AM

Running for Health

Keller Williams associate Eddie Robbins of Atlanta, Ga. made a lifestyle change in 2009 that has defined him for the better. Robbins weighed more than 300 pounds for most of his adult life, but one day he realized he had a choice to live a healthier lifestyle. And so his journey to better health began.Eddie_Robbins_race.png

First, Robbins changed his diet and then incorporated exercise into his daily routine. In the beginning, he started walking 25 miles each week. Through building strength through walking – and the weight loss that ensued – walking eventually turned into running. “I never thought I would call myself a ‘runner,’” Robbins says with pride.

Since he made the choice to take control of his health, Robbins has dropped 110 pounds and continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Starting with a 5K race, Robbins worked his way up to competing in a half marathon and then the Chicago Marathon in 2011. To date, he has run in 31 states, with Colorado soon to be number 32. Eddie’s goal is to run a race in every state. It’s no wonder he’s is now referred to as “The Running Agent.”

Get Motivated and Start Running
Robbins admits that the goal of participating in a race helps with discipline to stay on course. “I keep tabs on my fitness every week. I hold myself accountable. Whenever I don’t feel like exercising, I remind myself where I was and how far I’ve come because of all my hard work,” he says.

Taking a positive approach to motivation, Robbins uses his weight loss and wellness to keep him going. “My physical and emotional wellbeing is my priority.”

 Not ready to run yet? Here are some ways to get started on the right foot with walking.

Make it Fun!


Beyond the Track

Getting in shape not only provides physical benefits, but professional ones as well. Robbins is very much a people person and stands by his commitments. “We do what is right and the client comes first,” he says.

Robbins recently became the Wellness Ambassador for his market center and is using his experience to help others live healthier lives. If your market center doesn’t have an ambassador yet, consider filling the role yourself! The positive change in your office can start with you. Apply today!

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You can read more about Robbins’ journey in his book; All My Strength: My Journey From 333 to the Chicago Marathon.

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