Leveraging Your LORE

Feb 14, 2017 6:50:02 PM

Stand Out

The language of real estate (LORE) is universal. Whether you’ve closed one deal or hundreds, there’s a value story that you need to start telling.

Dennis Tuttle, team leader of the Keller Williams Arlington market center, recommends completing the following steps to perfect your personalized LORE.

1. Create Your Story

When you utilize numbers, you strip away emotion – leaving only evidence. How many agents out there say they are the best? A large percentage. But can they prove it?

Use numbers as evidence of your value in order to set yourself apart from those who just want to blanket the world in empty talk.

2. Find and Write Your Story

In today’s market, consumers are flooded with information from websites like Zillow. It’s an agent’s job to be the economist of choice in their market by interpreting the information for their clients.

Schedule a regular time each month to look at your performance numbers. To build your LORE, begin by pulling your personalized trend report from myKW. These numbers indicate what you should be talking about each month. Develop your own tracking systems to keep your LORE fresh and accurate. Consider what makes you stand out compared to the rest of your market. If you sell a house in six days, advertise it! It’s evidence that you can get the job done quickly.

If you’re new to the industry, don’t panic! It’s perfectly acceptable to use the strength of your market center or Keller Williams Realty as a whole to build credibility.

3. Tell Your Story

When it comes to utilizing your LORE, don’t be shy! If you are unsure of what to say, use scripts. Training from Ignite and BOLD both offer direction and there are many resources on KWConnect to get you started.

Utilize your LORE:

  1. While lead generating for listings and talent
  2. In your pre-list, listing and buyer presentations
  3. As an integral part of your print and digital marketing strategy
  4. When talking to other agents
  5. In all of your scripts

 4. Leverage Others to Share Your LORE

Use your allied resources, such as your mortgage broker or title company. Keep these allied resources up to date on your LORE so they can relay your selling points effectively.

Another excellent resource to leverage is your team. Educate your team monthly about your story and what numbers they should be utilizing in their communications with clients and prospects.


Remember, no matter how long your tenure in the real estate industry, you can and should utilize your LORE. Create systems to hold yourself accountable, check your numbers frequently and determine your unique position in your market. From there, go out and tell your LORE to anyone who will listen. Your business will thank you!


Visit the CGI page on KWConnect to download your agent LORE tool and local expert templates.