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An Introvert's Guide to Navigating a Large Conference

For introverts, being surrounded by thousands of people at large conferences like Family Reunion or Mega Camp can be overwhelming, draining and even downright scary. These are feelings Christy Belt Grossman, a KW mega agent, knows all too well.

“I used to believe that, because I was an introvert, there were certain things I could not do or I would not enjoy,” she writes. “This was my limiting belief. But, what I’ve learned is I just experience things differently than extroverts (or ambiverts). What once felt overwhelming (going to Keller Williams Family Reunion or Mega Camp with thousands of people) is now something I look forward to.”

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Kelle Market Snaps is Winning Me More Business - Tips and Scripts

Kelle Market Snaps has moved to general availability after receiving the green light from 14,000 real estate agents through Labs. The feature, exclusive to KW agents, allows users to pull hyperlocal market reports with one voice or text command to Kelle: KW’s award-winning, AI-powered virtual assistant.

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