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Tax Deductions 2018: What Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

Tax season is here! For busy real estate agents who manage their own finances, it can be hard to find time (and energy) to get expenses in order. If this is you, do not push these tasks to the bottom of your priority list. Setting aside time now can save you thousands of dollars in the near future. To help kick-start your preparations, we’ve outlined several tax deductions that you should not overlook. From commissions paid to home office expenses, there are several activities that could reduce the amount owed to the IRS.*   

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Don’t Look at Other Real Estate Agents as Competition

Top-producing agent Suzy Arriola, of the center in Orange County, Calif., is so serious about growing her referral business that she made her last commute to Business Objective: a Life by Design by airplane.

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Experience Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

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Persuasive Questions Lead to Powerful Results

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A KW Couple Shatters Their Personal Cap through Failing Forward

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Take Your Instagram Game to the Next Level 

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Inspirational Morning Reminds Us that Miracles Do Exist

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KW MAPS Coaching Corner: Ways to Get Your Full Commission

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State of Your Company 2018: Celebrating Success. Building Momentum.

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Meet Kelle, Your Virtual Personal Assistant

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Day 3: Family Reunion 2018 [Live Coverage]

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Agent-to-Agent Referrals: It’s Live Now!

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Vision 2018: We Are Rewriting the Rules of Real Estate

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