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Former Educators Go Outside of the Box to Design a Lead Gen Strategy That Works!

We aren’t going to reach our goals.

That is what Donna Harmatuk, operating principal of the New Bern market center and head of Donna & Team New Bern, realized after looking at her team’s numbers. The six-month mark was approaching and her multi-year trend report showed her that if she didn’t act fast, there was no way the team would close out 2017 with $1.6 million in GCI and 260 units.

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13 Fun Ideas for Reconnecting with Your Metwork

Where will my next listing come from? 

If this question is keeping you up at night, STOP! The answer is right in front of you in your “Metwork.” Your “Mets” consist of people you have already met, whether it was today or folks you have known your entire life. These are friends and family members, business contacts, as well as past clients, who are a powerful source for listings and referrals.

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Farming - The Key to Success in Any Market

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You've Got a Friend  With Social Media Marketing

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Investing in Client Relationships

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Halftime Results Are In: Keller Williams Agents Shatter Records in Q2!

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You Are One Download Away from More Leads and Listings

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Mobile Matters to Your Consumers – Does It Matter to You?

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Lead Generate the Roof Off of Open Houses

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The Science Behind a Successful Open House

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How to Sell a House in Five Days

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Kick-Start Your Real Estate Career With Door-Knocking

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Rock Your Profit with Door-Knocking!

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