Get Ready for the Family Reunion Marathon

Feb 20, 2010 6:07:41 AM

By Guest Contributor: Nina Rowan, CSCS, Wellness Coach and owner of Rowan Health Concepts

Being at Family Reunion is like running a marathon. Are you in condition? Will you be able to keep going or get tired before the finish line?

Here are some basic tips to make sure you are able to get the most out of Family Reunion:

  1. Wear your walking shoes. The KW sneakers are great, but any will work. Add some gel inner soles to whatever shoes you are wearing. If you have ever worn a pedometer during in the past we have been able to cover six to 12 miles going back and forth from sessions, events and to the hotels in one day.
  2. Stay hydrated. This is the simplest way to keep your energy, feel good, decrease pain, deal with the effects of traveling and the nights in New Orleans. Carry water with you!
  3. Stretch. Sitting in sessions all day isn’t the way most agents spend their days. By doing simple stretches before and after sessions, you will keep your body much happier.
  4. Have good posture. Good posture will keep you moving efficiently, you won’t have to exercise as much, and most importantly you will look successful!
  5. Food is fuel-you will need it. Eat a healthy breakfast and a few healthy snacks for energy throughout the day.

Remember to take care of your best business asset, YOU! I’ll be popping in during the beginning of some sessions to help support you during your marathon. Good luck and have fun!

Learn more by catching Nina during the following session: Healthy Body, Healthy Business, Monday at 1 – 2:15 p.m.

Nina Rowan, CSCS, owner of Rowan Health Concepts, has worked with clients all over the United States as a wellness specialist, helping clients and businesses through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle management to reach their health goals. Through training and speaking events, she has worked with Keller Williams Realty executives and agents for over 10 years, specifically Gary, Mo, Dianna and Tony.

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