Breakout Session Highlight: How to Build a Small Team

Feb 22, 2010 9:58:43 AM

gene riversWe just spoke with Gene Rivers, OP and KWU Master Faculty, who just facilitated the How To Build a Small Team session at Family Reunion. Here are some of his main points to remember when building a successful small team:

It is ALWAYS about Careers Worth Having, Businesses Worth Owning and Lives Worth Living!

  • The future of the industry is the high-knowledge, professional and tech-savvy agent team.

The most profitable part of the real estate agent industry is the residential real estate agent sales team.

  • The Way to Build a Big Business, any Big to build a Phenomenal Small Business – going from single agent to team of 5. We call it TEAM ONE!

    • Success is built on customer satisfaction. And, customer satisfaction is built on high touch and high quality information. It is true that busy single agents have no their customers and clients have to wait.
    • Any office with 20 or more agents has someone at the top that wants a team, and along those same lines, any office that has 50 or more agents has one or more teams trying to make it work.
    • The industry is following the 80/20 or 90/10 rule as far as who (agents) does the sales, and it is teams that dominate the top.
    • Most teams, even those doing sales, don’t last because they are built from the wrong model – or worse, no model. The best teams are comprised of individuals who would never do what their fellow team mates do.
    • Building a team is nothing more or less than starting any business. Most small businesses don’t make it long term. The ones that do follow a franchise model by buying one or imitating one.
    • Most of all, who you are in business with matters! Follow a hiring process to make the odds of succeeding in your favor. RSTLM - Recruit-Select, Action Train, and Lead and Motivate.


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