Green update: Live from Mega Camp

Sep 16, 2010 10:12:40 AM

By Jonas Koffler, Rellek Book Editor, KWRI Sustainability and Green Program Driver, Keller Williams Realty International in Austin, Texas

E-transactions. KW Trendsetters. KWLS green features. Green branding. Green education. Green lead generation tools. Green building and green retrofits. The future of the residential and commercial real estate markets. What do these have in common? All are strategic pieces of the KW green initiative—and topics discussed by members of the KW Green Leadership Council (GLC) during this morning’s productive focus group. Made up of associates, team leaders, and productivity coaches, the GLC is forward-thinking group dedicated to setting direction and enhancing the KW value proposition for our associates and the customers they serve. So what does this mean for you as an associate or member of market center leadership? It means there are some great benefits to come from our green program to be launched at Family Reunion 2011 in Anaheim.

We all know it’s an exciting time in real estate. And the opportunities relating to green real estate -- from educating and lead generating to your clients and builders about healthy choices, money smart and sustainable options, to greening your business and community -- speak to that excitement and possibility. No matter what your priority, two of the things that matter most right now are re-margining (keeping expenses low, working smarter and doing more with less), and future-proofing your business to run in the most efficient, technologically innovative, and ethically responsible way possible. In the KW culture, green is also about doing the right thing and getting rewarded for it too. So it’s worth seeking out green thought leaders at KW and having a conversation about how you can position yourself to cash in on green opportunities. It also means that it’s time to get involved at your market center by joining in your green ALC committee and taking some time to plan a few RED Day conservation projects in your community.

Stay learning based, stay focused, and go capture the green market! (And be sure to stay tuned to ThisWeek@kw for more details about our KW green program.)

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