KW is Foodspotting Across Austin!

Aug 31, 2011 11:55:52 AM

Coming to Austin for Mega Camp, another event or just to visit KW…and just not sure where or what to eat? Well, we are here to help! Austin is full of amazing restaurants and there are so many choices. To make it a little easier on our guests, we created a Food Guide on Foodspotting.

So, first things first, what is Foodspotting? Foodspotting is a unique local guide where you can find and visually see what people have “Spotted” at restaurants--to see what looks good to you or discover something new. Maybe you would never try the Pasta with Clams, but it looks so good that you can’t pass it up (that’s me)! It is a very fun way to visually see what looks tasty, instead of reading through reviews. Basically it is social media heaven for foodies!

There are two ways to participate on Foodspotting: as a foodseeker or as a foodspotter, or in my case, as both.

As a foodseeker, you can search by food type, neighborhood, city, or you can look up specific restaurants (see below).


Another fun option is to bookmark foods that look good to you that you might want to check out later (see left). You can do this by researching restaurants or by seeing what people you follow have spotted.

As a foodspotter, you take a photo of your food and share it by uploading your photo, you can become a dish expert by spotting the same types of foods (for example, I am a seafood and soup expert on Foodspotting), or by following people or guides that you find interesting.

And after you have completed uploading the photo and review (see left), it will show up in the streams of people following you on Foodspotting and connected to that specific restaurant. You also have the option to feed the review and photo through to Twitter and Facebook if you choose.

As I mentioned earlier we just created “Keller Williams Realty’s Guide to Austin” (see image below) to help you find and follow food we love. Guides work this way: you follow the guide and try to “spot” the dishes listed in the guide. So, if you follow our guide, go to the guide on your smart phone or online and click "Spot" for that dish, for example, the beef brisket at Franklin Barbecue or one of Mo's favorite dishes, the Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf at Bess, you would then upload the photo and it would then show up that you uploaded to our guide. Make sure the name of the dish is consistent so you get credit!

The more food you spot on our guide, you will get the opportunity to get the “KW Foodspotting Badge” (the KW logo on the guide) for Austin and the chance to win a copy of Green Your Home!

So, how do you sign up? All you have to do is download the free application to your smart phone or sign up on and create an account. Currently the application is available for Windows Phones, iPhone and Android. Click here to download the app.

To follow our guide go here: Keller Williams Realty's Guide to Austin. Make sure to follow the guide and you are set!

Don’t wait until Mega Camp or until you are in Austin to start Foodspotting! Get started tonight out at dinner, while grabbing a Latte at your favorite coffee shop or maybe even get creative and put together a guide for your neighborhood and promote it to your clients. Most of all, have fun and happy Foodspotting!



Keller Williams Realty’s Guide to Austin



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