What a great day at Keller Williams Mega Tech. Camp, 2011!

Sep 21, 2011 5:57:11 AM

Technology… It seems that there are so many people, companies and sites offering the latest and greatest product, system or tool. There's Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter and Google… There's a new crop of camps and seminars all aimed at helping agents overcome their biggest hurdle these days, which seem to center around technology. As we try to leverage our time dedicated to Internet Marketing and Social Media we often turn to these very tools to keep our Web strategy moving in the background while we focus on other aspects of our business. Sometimes though, the guarantee of success doesn't always pan out. We find ourselves using a product that doesn't work, or leveraging a system that didn't quite do what we thought it was going to do.

So often we don't have the time to experiment with each product, or tool or new system. We ask ourselves, "will this work for me in my business? How do I know I should spend my money on this type of advertising, or should I hire someone to work on my Search Engine Optimization?" The list of questions about how to successfully implement a Web strategy that actually puts money IN our pockets goes on and on, doesn't it? We think ... "If only someone could tell me which strategy, tools and products I should use and how to make them work for me."

So KW created this day of learning called Mega Technology Camp… Content created by agents and for agents… And not just any agent, but agents that are having success in the very products, technology and systems that they are talking about. So sitting, learning and hearing what successes these agents are having right now is truly amazing.

On Monday, we learned about using Craigslist to promote our listings, utilizing ads that are generated for every listing to create buyers. We saw what Mega Agents are doing with Facebook and learning how to be interested in others to get them to be interested in us. We also heard strategies for creating content on Twitter and using sites like scvngr to take your Web strategy to the next level and generate more business. All in our quest to raise our Klout scores!

Mega Camp not only is about helping agents achieve the next level with guidance from Gary Keller, it also includes technology, Luxury Homes, KW Commercial, Rural Homes and land/farms, leadership and training. When you make your plans next year, don’t just book Mega Agent, also book a few more of the add on’s! I know I will!

Chris Alston

Team Leader – Cupertino CA

calsotn@kw.com www.twitter.com/chris_alston www.facebook.com/realestatetrainer

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