Ken DeLeon fears living a mediocre life

Sep 23, 2011 4:11:23 AM

The music started, the lights started flashing and two dynamic individuals came rushing on the stage… Not walking, but dancing! Yes dancing… Now these weren’t the cheerleaders from the morning session, and they were not some of our wonderful KW family demonstrating the WI4C2TS… It was Ken DeLeon and Dianna Kokoszka! Yes, Ken got our awesome Dianna dancing on stage in front of our Keller Williams leaders from across out company. And if you were wondering, they BOTH had some great moves!

I am not sure if Ken ever stopped dancing through his amazing story about his way to the top.

He lives an amazing life… He does not have a fear of dying; he has a fear of living a mediocre life. So he lives every day in a way that can uplift others that are around him. By smiling, waiving, dancing, smiling – he thrives on the emotions he brings out in others.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to hear his incredible story, I will do my best to recap quickly here in this post: Ken lost his sister, and now carries her on his journey in life. He has survived an ongoing battle with cancer and a devastating car accident. Despite these set-backs Ken pushes on. He carries those life experiences as catalysts for success and as a result he has poised himself to emerge at the nations #1 producing agent across the board. He hopes to achieve over $275,000,000 in closings.

Ken joined Keller Williams Realty from another national brand in 2005. When he left that company, he had just closed $26 million. During Ken’s first year with Keller Williams Realty he closed $55 million – a 210% increase in his business. Every year for him in real estate has been his best year in the business, and he is not close to stopping.

Ken is a dear friend of mine and someone I admire. We enjoy looking out for one another, and helping each other out. Extending a hand whenever we feel the other may need it.

One day back in 2006 Ken and I were talking about where he stood against KW’s top agents, and what it would take to be No. 1. I pulled the numbers, and we saw he ranked No. 5. What a wonderful moment. $55,000,000 in closed transactions, doing 32 units, and No. 5!

Yest what we kept on looking at was the 32 units.

I pointed out that the No. 4 agent in Keller Williams had done around 270 units to achieve an amount above $55 million. I said to him “If I stripped away the $55 million and dropped him in an area where prices were at $100,000 and kept his 32 units, would he still be happy with his success where he stood right now?”

We both had a moment of clarity, and he himself made the decision to go from entrepreneurial to purposeful in his career. As Gary Keller wrote in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, “From ‘E’ to ‘P.’”

As we fast forward to today… And $275,000,000 later… His current successes are just more stepping stones on Ken’s amazing journey in life.

It was truly a treat to have Ken with us today at our Mega Agent Camp!

Chris Alston

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