The three major seller lead sources

May 7, 2012 4:01:18 AM

There are limitless paths to seller leads in this business. There are, however, three reliable sources for leads that you must be adept and comfortable prospecting for in order to keep a consistent stream of business in your pipeline.


FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner)

Driving by a FSBO Home

Setting: Park on the wrong side of the street and open your door toward the house. Take a business card with you. Knock on the door and take three steps back.


AGENT: Hello, I’m __________, a real estate consultant from Keller Williams Realty. I was driving by on the way to another appointment.” (Peer into the house or look around the yard and give a sincere compliment.) “What a beautiful __________. Where did you get it?


PROSPECT: Oh, that. I got that at __________.

AGENT: I would love to take a few moments to see your home. It’s not uncommon when I’m showing in the neighborhood to have a buyer who will ask me about properties that are for sale. I make every effort to have all of the information available for them. What time would work best for you? [If the homeowner wants to show you his/her home immediately, tell him/her that you’re on your way to another appointment, and then ask again what time would work best.]


PROSPECT: I can show you my home tomorrow at 6:30, but I’m not interested in having you sell it.

AGENT: I understand. I want to see your home because as a real estate consultant in this area, I often have buyers who ask me questions about homes like yours.


PROSPECT: Okay. But I can’t spend more than half an hour with you.

AGENT: No problem. Could I get the correct spelling of your name and a telephone number where you can be reached in case I should have to cancel?


PROSPECT: The correct spelling of my name is…and my telephone number is….


AGENT: Great! Here’s my business card in case you need to reach me. See you tomorrow at 6:30.

Expired Listings

Calling on an Expired Listing

AGENT: Hi, my name is _______________________, with Keller Williams Realty. I recently pulled your home up on my computer, and I was wondering if the home is currently for sale? My computer shows your home is expired. Why do you feel that your home did not sell?


PROSPECT: That realtor…

[If they get rude, go straight to the “Bottom Line…”]


AGENT: There is a definite difference between real estate agents and real estate consultants. Basically, the difference is that agents make a lot of assumptions and do a lot of telling and consultants ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. Bottom line: I want you to understand that I am a real estate consultant and specialize in homes that should have sold but didn’t, and if you wouldn’t be offended, I’d love to come by, introduce myself, gain an understanding of exactly what you’re needing in a successful transaction and then together we can decide if a win-win relationship can be created and if I’m the professional who will handle the job of selling your home. Would that be possible? How about tomorrow at ______?

Past Clients

Asking a past client for a referral


AGENT: Hello Ms. Allied Resource, This is _________. Happy birthday! [or Happy Anniversary or do we have a new baby?] What’s been happening in your life? [open discussion] You know, Ms. Allied Resource, I so enjoyed working with you and wanted to know if there is anything I can do for you, your family or a friend? I always want referrals from people whom I love working with and talking to. I’d love to work with your friends and your family. Is there anyone you know in your immediate business—anyone whom you teach with—who might be looking to buy or sell? [Tailor the question to their lifestyle: type of work, affiliates, clubs or organizations or hobbies. For instance, you could have asked, “Is there anyone you know with whom you sail?”, if you know this is a hobby of theirs. Pick things that they do, and define their search. Because “Is there anyone you know” is like asking, “Who do you know in the world?” And the answer’s inevitably, “I don’t know anybody.” Define their search for them and the results will be better.]

What Scripts do you use to get in touch with Sellers in this market?

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