A New KW Learning Center (and some unexpected surprises!)

Jul 18, 2012 6:35:10 AM

Last week nearly 150 Keller Williams associates and potential franchisees were treated to a new educational experience in the brand new Learning Center at the Keller Williams Realty’s Global Headquarters in Austin, Texas!

It was a seminal event, and everyone, from attendees to KWRI employees were amped to see the transformation of the Learning Center from an empty basement to an education haven!


In fact, several VERY familiar faces made a surprise appearance during this month's Franchise Systems Orientation and RSTLM classes! Jonathan Dupree, a team leader out of Louisianna posted this picture on his Facebook page with the following comment:

"Mark Willis CEO of Keller Williams International, just popped in and shared the last two months have been the most successful in the history of the company. Last 12 months KW profit shared $44 million! Gave back to the agents who helped us grow! Wow!"


Not too far behind was Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman of Keller Williams Realty and author of the Millionaire Real Estate Series , who spoke to those attending Recruit Select, Action Training, Leadership and Motivation (RSTLM) a class on finding and hiring talent - a passionate subject of Keller's. Team Leader, Tony Brodie posted this picture and caption on his Facebook page.

"Gary Keller coming in unexpectedly to share his knowledge and answer questions about the recruit - select process..priceless training ad information!"


From the very beginning, the new Learning Center was designed with the student in mind. With tiered rows, blackout shades and power plugs for every attendee, we wanted the students to be immersed in learning while staying connected to customers and colleagues on their phone or laptop.

The Learning Center is equipped to hold 300 people, spans 8,078 square feet across two rooms and boasts full WIFI, built in screens and audio systems and power plugs at every seat.

Each month, Keller Williams Realty's Franchise Systems Orientation - a powerful week-long introduction into our company's models, systems and culture - as well as popular Keller Williams University Courses will be held in the Learning Center. As part of the entire learning experience, attendees get a chance to tour the International office!

KW Associates and Leadership can learn more about attending Franchise Systems Orientation and KWU Training Events on myKW. Click here!

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