Agent Masterminds with Gary Keller: Top Ten AHAs

Sep 20, 2012 1:05:50 PM


1. It is physically impossible for your brain to do two things at once. You may feel like you are multi-tasking, but you are actually stopping and switching back and forth very quickly. Multi-tasking is an illusion.

2. What matters is figuring out what it is that matters most. It is figuring that out and giving it the most time each day so you are sure it gets done. The catch is – do you know what that one thing is?

3. All of you are running around trying to accomplish all these “priorities” when it should be “your one priority.” You need to realize that you can figure out that one thing - that one lever that if pulled, makes your life great.

4. What I want each of you to do is go back tonight and create your organizational chart. If you are not netting a million from this organizational chart, somebody - possibly even everybody on your team - is not the right fit.

5. You have to keep in mind that you aren’t expected to get it all done. You are expected to make sure it all gets done. If you need the support of others, get that support; but make sure they are the right support – the empire builders. You’ll know them because you’ll be happy with the way they define the business. If you aren’t, they probably aren’t the right person.

6. Stand behind your empire builders. You’ve got to back up the people you have chosen to be on this path to replacing you. Sometimes this means biting the bullet and standing by their decisions even if you don’t agree.

7. Goals are not about achieving them every time. They are about creating action steps to get us to the minimum for where we want to be. Don’t use goals to determine an end. Use them as a means to the place you want to get next.

8. Use the DISC. It is the one thing in recruitment that is your proof of being on the right path when looking for talent.

9. In retaining talent, remember that no one promises you a lifetime. No one says “if my spouse gets transferred, I’ll stay with you” or “I’ll never retire.” You just give them all the opportunities and support and trainings possible. They will tell you when they are tired of growing.

10. Always be asking yourself the focusing question: what’s the ONE thing you can do such by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

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