State of the Culture with Mary Tennant

Sep 21, 2012 11:37:03 AM

“Your business plan is what you are, but your culture is who you are, and no one can compete with our culture! For 30 years you have cultivated a unique culture of compassion and lifting each other up to success. Give yourselves a round of applause.” - KW President Mary Tennant


KW Cares

Year after year, KW Cares has proved remarkably effective in responding to natural disasters affecting our associates and their families. After Hurricane Isaac, $36,000 in grants were awarded to those in need. When the Colorado Springs wildfires hit, $46,000 in help was given.

“The morning after the fire, KW Cares was on the phone with our people. The families effected had money in their bank accounts by the end of THAT day,” said Operating Principal Ed Leyba. “People are frequently told they have to wait and be patient to receive the information and the support they need. These are words that KW Cares does not know.”


Red Day

What an incredible RED Day we had this year! Thank you to the thousands of you across the United States and Canada who took the day off to Give Where You Live!

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