Top 5 Best Real Estate Videos to Market Your Brand

Nov 30, 2012 10:21:36 AM

It’s no secret that home buyers and sellers are consuming video more than almost any other online media channel – a rise that is likely the result of the smartphones which make playing video in the palm of our hands easier than ever. In fact, it’s rare that a small-business owner doesn’t have a video introducing their product or service on the home page of their Website with the goal of gaining more customers, increasing sales and growing their business. And it’s a strategy real estate agents can’t afford to ignore. In fact, just this year, eMarketer, a leading source and authority on digital marketing, media and commerce, released several compelling stats on smartphone usage


So as you begin to think about your digital marketing efforts in 2013, consider these top 5 real estate videos:


Make a great first impression with a video about who you are as a real estate agent. Why did you get into real estate? When did you realize you were meant to help people buy and sell homes? What is your value proposition? You might even interview one or two clients about their buying or selling experience. Barb Dopp, associate with the Boise (Idaho) market center, does an excellent job of executing this technique with a “meet the team” video on her Website:


If the “trailer” is key when introducing yourself, the “informational” video is crucial when you want to answer some of those common, but important questions that buyers or sellers have about the way you do business. “Informational” real estate videos might include “Why Choose a Real Estate Agent?” “How We Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money,” or “How to Find Your Next Home on Our Website.” Here's a great example from Chris Heller of the Heller Real Estate Group in Encinitas, Calif.


Real estate is a local business – so don’t let the national news fuel your clients’ water-cooler conversations. Each quarter, record a “data driven” video on the state of your local real estate market. Introduce yourself, recap the previous quarter’s numbers and make your expert predictions and projections for the next three months. Remember to explain the meaning behind industry “jargon” and always use the “what’s in it for me?”(WIIFM) mantra. In other words, explain why your perspective matters to them. Seychelle Van Poole-Engelhard, associate with the Dallas Preston Road market center and member of the Van Poole Properties Real Estate Team sends out a regular video covering the


What does a happy client plus a video camera equal? A perfect opportunity to capture the “cheerleader.” Video testimonials of satisfied clients are powerful glimpses into your business philosophy. It lets your sphere of influence know that you not only make customer service a top priority, you get the job done!


Your community is ultimately the lifeblood of your business. And it’s important to recognize the unique value it offers its residents. The “community-centric” video can take several forms. First, it can be interviews with local businesses in and around the neighborhood you serve. Or it can be videos of you talking about your favorite park, neighborhood hangout or even promoting an upcoming community event. Tell a brief story and end with a call to action. Finally, the "community-centric" video is your chance to share how you give back to those who give you so much.

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