Just Keep Dialing: 5 Lessons from Four Fearless Agents

Mar 20, 2013 4:13:44 AM

At the same time every morning, Kristi Tanner Mock, associate with the Anchorage market center and lead buyer specialist on the Kristan Cole Team, blocks her email and holds all incoming calls while she lead generates for three solid hours. These days, Mock is confident, alert and ready to make her phone calls, many of which will be to people she doesn’t know. But turn the clock back a year and you might have found a less assured, almost fearful version of Mock.

What’s the difference? BOLD, the four-year-old KW MAPS Coaching program that is offered in regions across North America. With her first round of BOLD behind her, she’s overcome the fear of rejection. “What’s the worst thing someone could do or say,” she asks with confidence in her voice. By changing how she thinks, Mock releases her reluctance. “I have something important to tell them. I can help them and I want them to know it,” she adds.


Just one state away, Rachel Adams – a new agent with the Roseville (Calif.) market center, and one of the A’s in the Aitchison and Adams Team – uses the moments just before dialing to stifle any last-minute lapses in confidence. “I may not get the first, second, fifth or seventh person to meet with me, but then again I might,” she explains. “Eventually, I’m going to get an appointment, so I keep dialing.”

And just like that the two agents turn what would be an emotional experience into a numbers game. How do you play? “The goal is 100 contacts per person, per week,” says Mock. “If I don’t make calls a part of my daily routine, I will not hit my monthly goals and the office may not hit theirs. Even though there are more ‘NOs’ in those 100 contacts, I know there are some ‘YES’ answers too; I just have to get to them.”

Mock admits that developing her new BOLD habits was not easy, but nothing worth doing is ever truly easy, she explains. There were slow weeks and a few rough patches, and yet the more she called, the more she found that scripts increased her readiness to prospect, and her ability to be successful.

Role-Play or Get Scripted

Gene Arant, a mega agent in the Lake Travis (Texas) market center, has taken BOLD nine times – more than anyone in the history of the program. For the past three years he has been scripting with agents across the country every day. He has a full library of scripts that address any situation and uses the 10-15 minutes prior to 9 a.m. as a warm-up to his daily blocked lead generation time. “I always end with an affirmation and then I pick up the phone and start calling prospects.”


Though Matthew Aitchison, the second member of the Aitchison and Adams Team, has only taken BOLD once, he embraces the BOLD scripts and even adds his own spin. “I want my personality and purpose to shine through my words,” he says. “And I want to be effective in converting to an appointment.” For Aitchison that means “flipping the sales pitch off and coming from a place of contribution.”

Guilt is Great if You Use it For Good

Arant is behind closed doors five days a week prospecting from 9-11:30 a.m. The need to lead generate, he confesses, is sometimes haunting. “I feel guilty if I don’t make the calls. I touch every person in my database every 90 days. Before BOLD and before I was consistent with blocking my time to make calls, I’d let the guilt of not making the calls spill over into my life and affect every part of who I was as an agent, husband and father. Now I make the calls no matter what and the rest of my day and my personal life benefit because I know that I did what I’m supposed to do.”

Listen Up

New to the business, Aitchison’s crutch was talking – a lot. BOLD allowed him to see his mistakes as opportunities to learn. “I talk less and listen more to what my current or potential clients say.” Though it’s simple in concept, Aitchison believes that listening is what has won him listings over seasoned veterans. “Listening, I mean truly listening to clients’ needs instead of assuming you can help them has dramatically increased the number of homes we’ve listed.”

Mind the Mindset

Of all the lessons Arant learned during his nine BOLD stints, the most important one is that it is imperative to remove any limiting beliefs about yourself and the people on the other end of the line. “I’m calling to give clients a great value, service and experience. I’m not interrupting them; I’m doing them a favor. BOLD helps you build your confidence and change your mindset about who you are and what you can do for others.”

A Script to Get Your Foot in the Door

“Hello, I’m Rachel Adams with Keller Williams Realty. I’m stopping by to give you a courtesy notice that some extra traffic will be on your street from 1-4 p.m. tomorrow for an open house at 1234 Address. You are welcome to stop by too, and I hope you will. Do you know anyone that would be interested in moving into this neighborhood?”

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