Get Six-Times More Business from Your Database with a 33 Touch Campaign

Jul 22, 2013 10:40:45 AM

Chances are, if you are already in the real estate business, you still have a large number of lead generation opportunities left to explore. However, exploring all these options could leave you spread too thin. In fact, one of the biggest questions agents ask is which spokes to have on their marketing and prospecting wheels. Should they use direct mailers, billboards, radio campaigns, email marketing or paid internet advertising? Is there a combination that works better than another?


What they’re actually asking is, “Is there a science to their habitual lead generation activities? And can it produce a predictable and repeatable result?”

Brad Korn, a Keller Williams associate and KW MAPS Coach is a marketing and prospecting expert. He’s taught and coached countless agents in person and at events on the reason why keeping in touch through an 8x8, 33 Touch and 12-Direct methodology - as researched and revealed in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – can be used and even enhanced to get more business from your database.

“Imagine if you just focused on one lead from five sources every day. Or better yet, five leads from each source every day? That would be 250 leads and/or contacts that you could personally call, send a handwritten note to and put on at true 8x8 and 33 Touch plan. People like working with people they know, like and trust. You have a database of people who know and trust YOU! So stay in touch with them consistently and persistently.

When I look at Gary Keller's research, plus past coaching clients and personal experience, The strategy is illustrated in a real world example:

“The average person moves every 10 years. If you have a database of 250, that means 25 people are moving each year and 25 more people move the next year, and so on. Now, if all you did was add 250 contacts by actually talking to them, writing a note, and putting them on consistent persistent drip campaign each year for 10 years (I cover this in the Fast Track course, 'Make the Phone Ring Again'), your 25 this year will become 50 closed transactions next year (25 from the new 250 and 25 from last years' 250) and 75 closed transactions the 3rd year ... and so on and so on.”

Once you’ve nailed these activities, you’ll begin to understand how to get six times more business from your database. “You’ve got to take your 33-Touch BOLD” says Korn. Here he shares how to do that:

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