KW Worldwide Is on Path to Paint the World Red

Sep 15, 2014 4:44:16 PM

Taking the stage on the first day of Mega Leadership 2014, Keller Williams Worldwide President Chris Heller was greeted by a standing ovation from thousands of enthusiastic Keller Williams associates. Heller welcomed guests from more than two dozen countries, including Australia, Belize, Brazil, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, China, Colombia, Dubai, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Israel, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and the United Kingdom. As each country was recognized on screen, the crowd grew louder, cheering and waving flags.

KW Mexico at Mega Camp 2014 KW Mexico at Mega Camp 2014

"We're expanding into new markets and becoming the leading force in international real estate," Heller said. Thanks to Growth Share, a wealth-building platform that rewards stakeholders who help the company grow regardless of borders, Keller Williams is continuing to grow and expand around the world. The company announced the newest addition to the family, KW Mexico.

With 120 million residents and a rapidly expanding economy, the Mexican real estate sector is poised for growth. A group of business leaders with extensive experience in real estate sales, operations, technology, training and marketing announced plans to open Keller Williams offices in Mexico. The team will be led by Operating Principal Mario Aviles and will include team members Jorge Carbonell, Teresa Anderson, Barbara Gaxoet and Roberto Obregon.

“We want to take the Mexican real estate industry to the next level,” Aviles said. “Our goal is to make KW Mexico the leading real estate company for new generations around the country. Communication, commitment and integrity are the values that will make KW Mexico the real estate company of choice for brokers, agents and clients.”

While education is the cornerstone of the Keller Williams value proposition, it is the corporate culture that truly sets the company apart from any competitor in the industry.

"When we looked at other companies, no one talked about culture," Anderson said. "A company without culture is just another empty place to hang your license. We wanted more than that. We want the best of the best for ourselves and our clients. The opportunity to be a part of a team committed to this mission is very exciting. I look forward to the day when I can walk into any community and see red signs everywhere!"

Keller Williams associates around the globe can benefit from the company’s international expansion by participating in the Global Property Specialist (GPS) program. GPS offers members one of the most robust international marketing and training packages in the industry. GPS agents receive the training and tools to market properties to a global network and conduct international transactions. GPS members enjoy benefits such as syndication that gets their listings in front of millions of international buyers and investors.

This year, international buyers are expected to spend $11 billion on North American real estate. Regardless of where in the world associates are, they can leverage this opportunity for international sales. To help leaders with their recruiting efforts, Keller Williams announced the launch of a new GPS Leadership Package that includes recruiting flyers, scripts, and access to the GPS toolkit.

"With GPS, Keller Williams is positioned to dominate international sales," Heller said. "And we're giving you the tools to tell the world about it."

At the close of his presentation, Heller said the question he is asked most frequently is, “Where are we going next? What country will be the next region to paint the world red?” The opportunities are endless and the world has no boundaries when it comes to growth. “While we’re very excited about the people we’ve gotten into business with," he said. "We’ve got a long way to go. We’ve only scratched the surface!”

To learn more about the KW Mexico leadership team and opportunities to join KW Mexico, click here.

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