A Passion for Service

Nov 4, 2014 3:59:57 PM

Todd Polinchock knows a few things about service. The Naval Academy graduate spent 20 years as an aircraft carrier pilot, including more than 75 combat hours over Iraq. When he retired from the Navy and started his own real estate business, he quickly sought opportunities to serve his profession.

Todd Polinchock Todd Polinchock, an associate with the Keller Williams Bucks County Central (Pa.) market center

Todd, an associate with the Keller Williams Bucks County Central (Pa.) market center, was recently elected first vice president of the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®, which puts him on a track to lead the 28,000-member association in 2016. But wait, that’s not all! Todd also serves as a director of the National Association of REALTORS® and as a liaison to Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey on real estate and housing issues. He’s also involved with his local board. How does one person manage all of these commitments and still have time to run a successful real estate business? Passion. Todd admits it is a “labor of love.” He loves what he does and is passionate about the industry and Keller Williams.

When Todd was elected to his new leadership post, one of the first congratulatory letters he received was a handwritten note from Keller Williams Vice Chairman Mo Anderson. “Who has time for that?” Todd marveled. “I was amazed! It really speaks to the culture at Keller Williams. It is the best company to work for!” Todd shared the letter on his Facebook page and impressed upon his friends and family how much it meant to him to be with a company where the executive leadership was approachable, personable, and supportive.

Todd says he is a “High D” and loves social interaction. He loves networking and making an impact on the industry. Similar to how Keller Williams offers numerous avenues for industry education and preparedness, Todd is looking forward to being a voice and helping agents be prepared to take on all of the challenges that come their way. “With the advancement of technology in our industry, it won’t be the same climate as it is now,” Todd said. “It is getting harder to keep agents at the center of the transaction. Agents need to be professional and well prepared to succeed.”

Not only has Todd’s industry involvement been personally rewarding, it has yielded impressive business results. “Being involved has given me more legitimacy in the field,” he said. “I have a strong referral business simply from the local publicity. I don’t do it for the publicity or referrals, but it definitely has increased my business.”

PA Governor Corbett with Polinchock Polinchock with Governor Corbett and State Reps Quinn and Scavello at the bill signing of the state Seller Financing Law

Todd advises agents seeking to become active with their local, state, or national boards to attend events and start networking. He suggests they reach out to their Keller Williams connections and ask someone already involved to bring them along to industry events. There is no formal training for these positions. Todd got started because someone approached him and said, “You would be a great leader. Will you join?” He did join, and that launched him on the path that is leading to the presidency.

Even for agents who do not wish to hold leadership positions, Todd stresses how important it is that they become involved in the industry at the membership level. “There are 1 million REALTORS® in the U.S. who can join together to be the voice of the industry,” he said. “Everyone should vote and read the NAR Calls for Action emails. There is room for a much larger voice if people speak up.” Todd said this also applies on the state and local level. “Voting, paying dues, and RPAC support help keep industry interests protected.”

If you are involved in your state or local REALTOR® association and would like to share your perspective on giving back to the industry, email outfront@kw.com. We would love to hear from you!


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