Teamwork Helps "Investment Minded, Design Conscious” Eng Garcia Group Close $100 Million

Nov 25, 2014 4:49:57 PM

Eng Garcia Team Keller Williams

Eng Garcia Team Keller WilliamsWorking from the Washington Capitol Hill market center serving D.C., Maryland and Virginia with the motto “ Investment minded. Design conscious, ” the Eng Garcia Group closed $99 million in 2013 – and they have big plans for the future.

“We started off as real estate investors. Previously, I was a lawyer and Lucinda was an interior designer. She brings to the table the creative left side of the brain, and I bring the more analytical right side of the brain,” says Garcia, who is married to Eng.

As Eng and Garcia see it, real estate decisions are important and cannot be rushed – and honest, intelligent advice is critical. The “Investment minded. Design conscious” motto reflects the firm’s commitment to reaching economically smart decisions while addressing important functional and aesthetic requirements. Their motto is resonating with real estate consumers in the Tri-State area.

Teamwork and Time
Eng and Garcia lead a multidisciplinary team that includes four full-time back-office staffers (including staging professionals), seven full-time real estate agents and two part-time associates. The Eng Garcia Group has more than 30 years combined real estate experience, more than 20 years of interior design experience, and more than 15 years of legal experience. Garcia says one of the team’s strong points is a knack for connecting with people from all walks of life and understanding their needs and expectations.

Eng and Garcia didn’t become one of the most successful Keller Williams duos alone – and they didn’t do it overnight, either. Eng says it took the team approximately seven years – working full time, winning and serving clients, while building the team – to reach $100 million in annual sales volume.

They credit their production to six “critical attributes.” They say in order to be a top-producing team there needs to be commitment to excellence, a culture of service, a constant desire to add value, respect for the stress and worry clients face, genuine love of real estate and design, and a hunger and drive to continually develop new business.

“This last one is universal so I will try to describe it: Someone must always be working their tail off to generate and attend meetings with people who want to talk about buying or selling real estate,” Eng says. “And this particular activity must never slow down.”

Engineering Team Workflow
The group carefully scrutinizes local real estate trends and forecasts so they understand where the market is – and where it is going.

“I think the key to our team approach is that we have engineered the workflow effectively, we are all committed to functioning at a high-level and addressing problems that prevent us from doing so, we genuinely like one another and we are passionate about effective client service, real estate and design,” Garcia says.

The team is also known for aggressive client advocacy and negotiating strategies delivered in a diplomatic style, as well as frank and consistent client communication practices. Success goes beyond solid client support skills and customized services.

“A few of the things that set us apart from the competition are our level of commitment, our willingness to work hard and our capacity to provide additional related services to our clients,” Eng says. “We offer free staging for our listings, advice from our interior designers, perspective from our attorneys with regard to real estate contracts – though we emphasize we are not functioning as attorneys – and advice on real estate investing from our experienced real estate investors and agents.”

Commitment to Community
Part of The Eng Garcia Group’s secret is a commitment to excellence and community – and that is perfectly aligned with the core values of Keller Williams Realty. In fact, Eng and Garcia say they chose to work under the Keller Williams banner because of this cultural match.

“Keller Williams offers the best environment – the most suitable culture, people, mindset, mentors and training – for real estate professionals who are serious and enthusiastic about their opportunity to serve clients and build their real estate business,” Eng says.

“Barriers to entry in real estate sales are relatively low. Yet real estate agents handle matters that are financially and emotionally critical to their clients. When Keller Williams came along, our industry finally had a large, purposeful organization that enlists and empowers associates to step up, seize and serve – through consistency and excellence – the professional opportunities that are available to them.”

Garcia adds that Keller Williams encourages individuals to define their life purpose. Specifically, encouraging people to come to terms with these questions and continually revisit them, which encourages meaningful contributions to company culture, one’s community and one’s values.

“Lucinda and I, and by extension our real estate team, have built a business that reflects these commitments. Professionally, we strive to be excellent,” Garcia says. “As members of our community, we have been stalwart supporters of education reformers and institutions that seek to level the playing field through education reform.”

Garcia says leveling the playing field is important to them – and it’s not just talk. Eng and Garcia have served on various nonprofit boards, including Higher Achievement, a rigorous after-school academic program, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School and many other like-minded organizations.

Recently, Garcia joined the board of trustees of Connecticut College, his alma mater, and the board of DKT International, a global public health nongovernmental organization. In 2003, he received the “Unsung Hero” award from the Community Foundation for the National Capitol Region for revitalizing the Higher Achievement Program.

Looking Ahead the Future Is Bright
Garcia and Eng advise aspiring agents who hope to one day be top producers to “be consistent, repeat what works, don’t repeat what doesn’t, and always fight-fight-fight to schedule appointments with people who want to talk about buying or selling real estate,” Garcia says. “Do those things and continually seek and implement advice from those who would know, and the rest will fall into place.” If you ask Eng what the future looks like for The Eng Garcia Group, she’ll offer one word that says it all: bright. While there are always X factors in the real estate world, Eng and Garcia are confident that they’ve built a lasting model for success.

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