Growth Share Is Spoken in Many Languages

Jan 22, 2015 10:09:06 PM

[Tweet "In 2014, Keller Williams distributed more than $98 million through Profit Share and Growth Share."]

Keller Williams Realty is delivering our value proposition to markets across the globe thanks to the help of our amazing associates. Through the Growth Share platform, associates can actively participate in growing their passive income by helping grow the company internationally.

Chris Heller Chris Heller, Keller Williams Realty International

The Growth Share concept originates from the belief that Keller Williams associates are the driving force in growing their market centers and building successful businesses in their market. Our associates have an unparalleled and unlimited opportunity to actively participate in the growth and productivity of their market center – and receive the financial rewards that come from their efforts. In the United States and Canada, the financial rewards are offered through our Profit Share program in which owners share their office profits back with the associates who helped that office to grow. It is part of our unique culture where we believe that together everyone achieves more.

In countries outside of North America, Keller Williams offers a Growth Share program in which master franchise owners and Keller Williams reward associates who help the company grow by sharing a portion of the company’s revenue with those associates. Because any Keller Williams associate can participate in either of the two plans, and both Profit Share and Growth Share are distributed across borders all over the world, the two different systems create a powerful wealth-building platform for those who help Keller Williams grow and succeed.

In the Growth Share model, when an agent completes a transaction, they receive a commission, which is split between that agent and their office. Every month that office then sends a portion of their revenue to Keller Williams and the region, who reward the agents who helped their offices and region grow, in thanks and in recognition of their contribution to growing the company.

KW Worldwide Growth Share

Unlike other forms of investments, Profit Share and Growth Share can boast the following:

  • No financial risk
  • No legal risk
  • No down payment

[Tweet "“Our wealth-building platform is an equal opportunity, unequal reward system.”- Gary Keller"]

If you have international contacts, don’t let the relationship stop at the transaction. Keller Williams associates can register for free webinars presented by Keller Williams Worldwide where you will learn how to build worldwide relationships and your passive income in the process. Click here to register for any of our planned 2015 Growth Share webinar dates.


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