Marketing Strategies That DON’T Work

Feb 8, 2015 7:18:13 PM

Simply put, if your marketing isn’t generating leads, it isn’t working.

Liz Landry, MAPS Coach, instructor and agent shared with a room of 700 Family Reunion attendees what doesn’t work and what does for your marketing strategies. She emphasized that activities that worked 5 years ago don’t work today,and your success is determined by how well you adjust to the market of today.

Do’s and don’ts of five inbound and outbound marketing activities.


DON’T try to use several platforms.
DO focus on one platform and master it, posting at least once a week at the same day every week.

Social Media:

DON’T friend someone and immediately ask for a referral.

DO maximize social media by building relationships with your friends. Gradually build the relationship before you ask for a referral. Use touch escalation to know when it is ok to ask for a referral by utilizing likes, liking comments, post comments, im, direct messaging and skype.

DON’T send regional info that broad and not relevant to your audience.

DO send monthly localized info that your customers want to know about.

Cold calling:

DON’T miss out on the benefits of an auto dialer.
DO get a good auto dialer like Mojo or Vulcan7 to maximize the benefits of technology.

Direct Mail

DON’T use too much text.
DO arouse curiosity with a simple message and a clear call to action.

Inbound and outbound marketing are both effective depending on how you work them, be sure to use a combination of both that will intrigue someone and arouse curiosity in less than 10 seconds. And, no matter which tactics you decide to include in your marketing plan; don’t be inconsistent, it will destroy the effectiveness of any marketing tactic. Do always be consistent in order to see the desired see results.

Want to hear all of the do’s and don’ts that Liz shared?
Her breakout is happening again on Tuesday, February 9, 2015 at 3:30 EST in room W304 A-D.

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