10 Ways to Share Your KW Mobile App

Feb 8, 2015 7:01:58 PM

The importance of technology and the KW Mobile App have been mentioned in sessions throughout Family Reunion. Here are 10 ways you can begin sharing your KW Mobile App:

  • When a potential buyers walks in the door at an open house, I ask if they have a smart phone…then I get their # and text a link to my app to them.
  • I share it every time I sit down next to someone at a sporting event!
  • Web page focus box
  • Signature line on my email
  • On Facebook! Facebook! Facebook!
  • Standing in line…any line. Strike up a conversation, give them a demo and we’re off to the races!
  • QR Code on my business card.
  • Have clients download at all consultations.
  • I share it with buyers that text from my riders.
  • When I meet my new buyers, I put it on their phone for them.
  • I tell everyone I talk with and then share it with them from the app.


Jamie Stimpson Mobile App WinnerJamie Stimpson was the first winner of a ticket to Family Reunion 2016 for sharing her KW Mobile App at Family Reunion.

There will be a winner every day during Family Reunion.

Visit the KW Mobile App wall in the KW Exchange, share your App and you might be the next winner.

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