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Feb 20, 2015 3:27:08 PM

In just two Years with Keller Williams, David Hoffman has expanded into three new markets. In just two Years with Keller Williams, David Hoffman has expanded into three new markets.

It is because of Mega Agent Expansion that David Hoffman of Huntersville, N.C., joined Keller Williams two years ago. He wanted to be part of a company where there were no limits and no barriers to success.

Last year, David opened his first two expansion offices, and before the first month of 2015 even came to an end, he had already expanded into a new market in South Carolina and had 15 clients and eight agents waiting and ready to work with him. Mega Agent Expansion is allowing David to help agents reach their “Big Why” and to grow market share at lower costs. His only regret about Mega Agent Expansion is that he didn’t start doing it 10 years ago when he got in the business.

Hoffman loves the Mega Agent Expansion model for many reasons. He loves that it lifts geographic barriers and has the ability to take him to the next level. As Hoffman builds his business, he is changing lives all around him. He is using expansion to fuel growth in his business and market center by creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion Kristan Cole recently asked Hoffman how long it takes for an expansion office to be profitable. His reply? "One day.” By recruiting and working with existing and established agents in his market and in the markets where he wants to expand, he gets all their experience and clients right away. They don’t miss a beat. The Mega Agent Expansion model makes this possible.

Interested in exploring opportunities to expand? Watch Kristan Cole’s interview with Gary Keller about Mega Agent Expansion, the next revolution in real estate. For more information, click here or email

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